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Grow Your Business With Digital Marketing

Updated: 18 May 2016
Digital Marketing

Grow Your Business With A Digital Marketing Strategy

When it comes to maximising the impact of digital marketing, it really is a tale of two companies. The one that embraces it and the one who is still wondering what all the fuss is all about.

In March 2016, The State of Digital Marketing Report 2016 states that 49% of businesses consider their digital marketing to be somewhat superior (above-average), while 37% said their activities were somewhat inferior (below average).

With 69% saying they felt their “effectiveness is increasing marginally”, the study indicates the small number of businesses that are using digital marketing to its full potential. Only those that are, are receiving significant business opportunities and growth.

Perhaps the reason for this is that a considerable chunk of businesses are either:

  1. Unsure what a digital marketing strategy even is, and
  2. More importantly, if it’s valuable and vital to their business.

We’ll get to what a) is, but first, let’s dispel a myth. The answer to b) is YES.

Every business needs to implement digital marketing to both sustain and grow their business.

And that really is true for EVERY business. So whether you’re an accountant, a lawyer, an estate agent or a restaurant, every business needs to be online to unleash their full potential.

How Is Digital Marketing Effective?

When asked, the study’s respondents said that the most important goals they want to achieve through implementing a digital marketing strategy are:

  • To increase lead generation (58%)
  • To increase conversion rate (48%)
  • To improve brand awareness (44%)
  • Increase measurable ROI (42%)
  • Improve data/lead quality (40%)
  • Increase website traffic (27%)
  • Increase sales attribution (17%)

How a Digital Strategy Helps

These may be your goals too, but would you rank them in the same order? And are there any other goals for you when it comes to implementing a digital strategy?

And that’s the beauty of a digital marketing strategy. When done correctly, while it should be based on industry-specific knowledge and expertise, the finer details should be bespoke and tailored to your business’s overall aims and objectives.

Adopting a one-size-fits-all approach is ineffective in the digital strategy world as it’s vital that we understand your brand inside and out to create successful messages through the best media platforms for you.

Together, this helps you grow your business through increased lead generation, conversion rate and brand awareness.

If you’re looking to implement an effective digital marketing strategy, then contact us for a free consultation. 

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