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Do you want to know how to improve your website’s visibility in Search Engines like Google?

An SEO audit for your website is a great way to ensure that you are taking full advantage of your website’s potential. This type of audit will help you identify areas of your website that may hinder your performance in search engine results.

What do our SEO audit reports include?

Overall Page Quality Score

Our audit starts with an overall score for your page, clearly stating how many tests have been passed and how many issues there are to improve.

Page Quality Score
Details of Warnings

Details of all the warnings and errors

The next section of our report covers all of the warnings in this report with comparisons to your competitors. We make recommendations on changes and explain in detail why you should make the changes suggested.

Page Experience

Our tool looks at your page experience from the user’s perspective and suggests changes you could make to reduce the loading time. The load time of your pages is an important ranking factor.

Page Experience
Backlink analysis

Backlink Analysis

Backlinks are an incredibly important factor in SEO, as they are essentially a vote of confidence from other websites. By having other websites link to your content, Google can see that your website is popular, reliable and relevant. As such, our SEO report offers a comparison of backlinks to your website to your competitor.

SEO Tasks

Finally, the report has a list of all the recommended tasks for you to undertake to improve your SEO, ordered by the priority in which they should be undertaken.

SEO Tasks

What’s next?

Once you have got your free SEO audit, you can start to make the changes to your site suggested within it using our DIY SEO platform to help guide you if you wish alternatively, take out one of our affordable SEO packages, and we will do the work for you and report on your gains each month!

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