Be Part of Our Team

Why Join Lion Spirit Media?

We’re all about teamwork, passion and, naturally, communication! Our motto is: Find. Your. Roar.


We’ve made it our mission to help businesses in Hampshire, London, up and down the UK and around the world, to Find Their Roar.


So how do we do it?



This is Us, This is What We’re Doing and This is Why it Matters!


And, we love:


  • Bursting editorial calendars to the brim with bedazzling, unique and high-quality content
  • Turning blank pages into a wonderment of words, stats and relevant links
  • Telling everyone that needs to know exactly why our customers are the best at what they do through the power of words
  • Getting our customers noticed among industry-leading journalists and editors
  • Helping prepare our customers to wow when those interview requests come knocking
  • Telling search engines our customers are serious in their field (or jungle!)


We’re looking to fill a host of freelance and remote roles to expand our enthusiastic, professional and friendly team.


We’re currently looking for:

  • Content writers
  • Junior media relations and PR personnel

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