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Media relations is the act of reaching out, engaging, and connecting with people in the media. By connecting with journalists, bloggers, and editors in your industry, you get your story and newsworthy messages out to the masses via relevant media outlets.

Find your ROAR and shout it from the jungle. What better way to get your story and newsworthy messages out there than working with the media to connect with your industry and target specific people?

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Lion Spirit Media offers media relations services to help you get the word out about your business. Our team of professionals has the experience and knowledge you need to craft the perfect pitch and get it in front of the right people.

Our team has the expertise to craft a compelling story that will show your brand in the best light. Our tailored media relations services are designed to get your story in front of the right audiences, from local newspapers to national television outlets.

Make an impact with your story. Our media relations services will help you get the attention of your target audience and generate more leads for your business.

Let Lion Spirit Media help you tell your brand’s story. Contact us today to learn more about our media relations services and start reaching more people with your message.

Media Relations

Why do you need a media relations service?

Each and every business needs exposure to succeed, but not all businesses understand how to achieve this exposure. Media relations is a way for any business—large or small—to gain exposure in the form of news mentions and coverage on TV, radio, print publications, and online.

Media Relations can be an effective tool for business owners looking to increase their reach and grow their customer base. Our Media relations service also provides a sense of authority and reliability, instilling trust in potential customers and helping businesses to stand out from the competition.

A media relations service is an invaluable asset for businesses and organisations to help increase their reach and visibility in the public sphere.

We can help you to build relationships with reporters, editors, and other media professionals, as well as craft and deliver effective messages to the public.

Media relations services can also help to create buzz and generate interest in your business’s products, services, and initiatives.

Ultimately, a media relations service can be instrumental in helping organisations to communicate their message and stay in the public eye.

What do our Media Relation services include?

Our media relations specialists connect with the media daily to produce, develop and enhance existing media plans. After finding your ROAR by creating an integrated, proactive, high-quality and tailored media plan  — it’s now about putting that ROAR out there into the jungle (or media!) so the local, national or international herds hear you!

It’s all about a two-way conversation, And in this conversation, you’re looking to impress. Promote all the positive things you and your business are doing. Media relations is much more than simply connecting you with the right media through press releases and technical articles — it’s about marrying your business goals, marketing activities and high-quality content with successful media.

Marrying your content marketing strategy, content creation and copywriting with media relations not only produces an enhanced and consistent story, but also makes your ROAR even more powerful. Get in front of untapped people, and create invaluable and unlimited opportunities through relevant and targeted media coverage.

Here at Lion Spirit Media, our media relations specialists focus on high-quality, unique and relevant editorial and advertising placements, along with comprehensive media training to maximise ROI through the impact of your ROAR.

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The benefits of media relations

Media relations offers many potential benefits to business’s. Through effective media relations, organisations can increase their visibility, build their reputation, and engage with key audiences.

1. Increase Visibility: Media relations can help businesses to increase their visibility and reach a larger audience. Through media relations, organisations can gain exposure in print, television, and online publications, which can help to spread their message and create awareness of their brand.

2. Build Reputation: Media relations can also be used to build an organisation’s reputation. When an organisation is featured in the media, it can help to create a positive impression of the organisation and build trust with the public.

3. Engage Audiences: Media relations can help organisations to engage with key audiences. Through media relations, organisations can directly reach their target audiences and inform them about their products and services.

4. Generate Leads: Media relations can also be used to generate leads. By featuring an organization in the media, it can help to draw attention to their products and services, potentially resulting in an increase in sales.

5. Improve SEO: Media relations can also help to improve you business’s SEO. When a business is featured in the media, it can help to generate backlinks to your website, which can help to improve your search engine rankings.

6. Cost-effectiveness: Media relations can be an effective way to reach a large audience without spending a lot of money.

7. Improved relationships with stakeholders: Media relations can help build relationships with current and potential customers, investors, and other stakeholders. By being featured in the media, you can demonstrate your commitment to your stakeholders and show that your company is a leader in its industry.

Why should you outsource your Media Relations to our agency?

Landing media coverage in top-tier publications does not simply entail writing a pitch, sending it to a journalist, and hoping for the best. You’ll need a comprehensive media relations strategy that is intended to maximise exposure and discussion around your product or service by promoting it in the media.

Our team delivers a steady stream of press opportunities by utilising our knowledge of the market and media to develop timely and creative story angles that showcase the advantages of your service, executive thought leadership in the sector, and your relevance to current news topics. Our Media Relations team’s track record of coverage in publications relevant to our customer’s industries has shown it can provide real results in any industry.

Every business recognises the importance of a positive connection with customers. The Lion Spirit Media team develops new journalist relationships on a daily basis. We pick out the best connections and outlets to spread your narrative. Our powerful team of expert writers and researchers searches the news on a regular basis in order to be well-versed in your field and keep up with what your competitors are doing.

Media relations services for Hampshire, London, the UK and beyond

Our main offices are in London, but we provide our best media relations services to brands all around the globe.

You may already have a marketing strategy and key communication messages in place? Fabulous, we can work with you to ensure you’re getting your brand in front of industry journalists, bloggers and editors — who are then communicating your story and newsworthy message to more of who you want to read them.

If you’re a startup making your first footprints in the digital jungle — and are curious as to how media relations not only works but integrates into your activities and goals — we can work with you to find and louden your ROAR, along with creating authority, credibility and trust.

Or, if you’re already the leader of the pack and want to retain your position — while young, hungry and scrappy cubs are clipping at your paws — then we can help secure your place in the jungle.

For more info on our media relations services, give us a shout (or roar!). We love talking.

Answers to Your Questions

What do you mean by media relations?

answer What do you mean by media relations?

Media relations is the practice of managing the relationship between an organisation and the media. It involves creating and maintaining positive relationships with journalists and other media representatives, as well as drafting and distributing press releases, arranging media interviews, and responding to media inquiries.

Media relations can also involve crisis management, which is responding quickly and accurately to negative media coverage.

What is media relations and why is it important?
Is media relations the same as marketing?

No, media relations is not the same as marketing but it is part of it!

Media relations is the practice of managing the spread of information between a business and its audience through various forms of media. Marketing is a broader term that involves creating, promoting, and distributing products or services to customers.

Is media relations part of PR?

Yes, media relations is one of the most important aspects of public relations. It involves building relationships with members of the media, pitching stories and responding to media inquiries.

Media relations are an effective way to spread awareness about a company, brand, or organisation.


“Working with Lion Spirit Media has given me peace of mind and so much time back into my life to do the things that I am good at. Writing is not what I am best at, I am a people person, so having someone who can understand me, my business and reflect into words what I want to say is priceless. I fully recommend their services.”

Lorraine Tarbitten

Owner, The LP Partnership


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