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Lion Spirit Media is a London-based marketing agency, we do marketing and communications differently. For us, we want to help you Find your Roar. 

Adding Lion Spirit Media to your team will guarantee your ROAR is STRONG enough to become and remain the leader of the pack and LOUD enough to be heard.



We help businesses all over the world grow by assisting with their marketing from Content Writing and Strategy, PPC Advertising, Websites and SEO

Our clients range in size from start-ups and small businesses to global blue-chip corporates

Content Marketing

Content marketing is the strategic use of content to provide information and promote products or services. It can include blogging, articles, press releases, e-books, social media posts, and other forms of content.


We specialise in creating copy that sells for websites and literature. We have extensive experience in crafting persuasive and engaging content that will draw in customers and drive sales.


We offer SEO services to help our customers grow their online traffic and sales. Our services include keyword research, website optimisation, and content creation.

Website Design

We offer a comprehensive website design service. From customising the look and feel of your website to building out fully functional features, our team of experienced web designers can help you create the perfect website for your business.

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About us

Our motto is: Find. Your. Roar.

Often, we can be reluctant to stand up and say who we are and why we’re saying it. Us included.

When we started Lion Spirit Media in 2015, we wanted to remove the traditional confines of business communication and speak from the heart. So we’re painting a picture that goes beyond black and white to not only include grey but shades of eye catching orange, blue, green and yellow.

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Business is like a pride of lions. Its strength and success depend on teamwork — with each and every furry mammal providing a distinctive contribution to the success of the whole pride.

Together, collaboratively, as a duo — Let’s Find your ROAR!

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