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Looking for an affordable SEO package for your small business that delivers actual results?

Look no further than our monthly SEO packages. Our transparent pricing means you’ll always know what you’re paying for, and our results-driven approach ensures you’ll see a return on your investment.


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Make your online presence ROAR with our affordable SEO packages

Lion Spirit Media is a leading SEO agency in the UK.

Our monthly SEO packages reinvented how businesses market their websites online. We’re an award-winning, affordable SEO agency based in London that works with businesses across the UK and worldwide.

Looking to get real results without spending a fortune each month? Look no further than our cost-effective SEO solutions! We offer fixed prices, pay-monthly plans, and don’t tie you into a contract, so you can get the desired results without breaking the bank. 

We are passionate about getting results for our customers here are some of the things included in our SEO packages:

  • Keyword Research and Tracking
  • Competitor Analysis
  • On-Site optimisation and Technical SEO
  • Monthly Reporting with actions taken
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What’s included in our SEO Packages?

SEO Dashboard Setup and Walkthrough

At Lion Spirit Media, we use our SEO dashboard to create the perfect SEO Strategy for your business.


SEO Marketing Strategy

We carry out Keyword Research and Competitor Analysis to create the perfect SEO strategy for your brand.


Content Analysis and Optimisation

We check the content of your website and optimise it for both its quality and the target keyword(s).

Monthly Reporting

We send you a report each month so you can see the improvements have been made to your website. It also covers your keyword rankings and analytics so you can see the improvements each month!

Link Building Opportunities

Our platform helps identify backlink opportunities. From directories to reporters who are writing about your area of expertise. We never build links in bulk.

Technical SEO

We take care of the Technical SEO on your website, including Title, Heading, and Meta Tags, as well as carrying out fixes to any issues that your site has.

Our SEO Packages

Pay monthly plans for any budget

Our monthly SEO packages offer low-cost SEO solutions for SMEs and individuals to get high-quality links, and boost their online presence and higher-ranking positions on search engines. Our packages are designed to get results fast.

Which website platforms do we work on?

We work with CMS based sites including:





What you need to know about working with us

These packages are for small to medium sized businesses. If you are running a large business then get in touch, we can provide something bespoke for you.

We will require full admin access to your websites backend

We need access to Google Analytics and Search Console for reporting

Any changes we make to your sites content will be sent for approval. Unless we agree an alternative way to work.

Depending on the competitiveness of your industry we may recommend increasing the backlinks to your site. This service isn't included our packages as building links can be an expensive task.

Your package can be cancelled 30 days notice.

Looking for the ultimate way to get leads and sales to your business?

Check out our combined SEO and PPC packages, by combining both of these services we can take advantage of the immediate gains of paid advertising while also building your website for long term success.

Have an eCommerce site?

These packages are for our customers that have a Standard website used to inform customers about your business.

If your website directly sells to your customers then you will need to use one of our eCommerce packages instead. If you aren’t sure, then get in touch with us and we can advise you.

So what do our SEO services include?

An SEO-friendly site will develop brand awareness, encourage people to visit your site and understand how to keep people interested when they’re on it. It’s all about creating a simple and effective way to encourage your target audience to take action. And that turns awareness into interest and then converted sales, before creating brand loyalty that produces advocates who ROAR about you to others!

We produce great, high-quality content. We place this on your website and in authoritative and respected publications. Now, we need to get more people (your potential customers) reading it, right? That’s the optimisation part. We now give that content a bit of pizazz and a boast to make sure those search engines spot it, understand what you’re trying to say and know that your readers will love it.

We adopt a tailored approach to make sure your SEO campaigns create a presence and drive traffic. So from title tags and meta descriptions to developing your internal link profile, we have a host of accomplished and effective components to our SEO that together, create a successful SEO formula.

Here, at Lion Spirit Media, our SEO consultants focus on your SEO, PPC, content, social media and web development to deliver ROI-driven results.

SEO Dashboard Setup and Walkthrough

We use our SEO Dashboard to create the perfect SEO Strategy for your business.

This platform means that we can undertake your SEO in a transparent way each month, and the details of the work that we undertake each month is sent with your report (Does your current SEO provider do this??).

You also have access to the dashboard to view the real-time information.

SEO Marketing Strategy

We develop an SEO Strategy for you by finding the keywords that are most relevant to your business and comparing them with your competitors as well. 

Our Platform then produces a set of actions to take to improve your site’s SEO and we get to work on them.


Content Analysis and Optimisation

One part of SEO is on-site optimisation. This involves making changes to your website to improve its content, including text, headings and images. This makes it easier for search engines to crawl your site and see your content more easily.

Google prioritises websites with excellent reputations. They label the effort ‘E-A-T’ which stands for expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness.

We optimise your content and make changes accordingly to guarantee the best possible result.

Technical SEO

The mechanics and workings of a website are something most people are aware of but unless you’re are a website developer or know how to look for these things, you often don’t notice any minor issues. Search engines however, are very good at spotting these and finding them, and so it’s not only important that your website is running smoothly, but that it is also being crawled and indexed by the search engine correctly.

We run a full audit on your website, use our SEO platform to find any potential problems, and then we fix them. This could be a problem with Title and Meta tags, Headings or site speed.

There are plenty of other ways to drive traffic to your site, like paid ads, however as soon as you stop paying for these the traffic stops. But SEO, while not quick or easy, is a low-risk strategy that will generate organic traffic over the longer term and over time will generate more traffic.

Monthly Reporting

Every month we provide a report on your website’s targetted keywords as well as the overall analytics of the site.

This report includes a list of all the actions we have taken. We are transparent in the way in which we carry out SEO for our customers, so each month, you can see what you got for your money.


Is there anything that isn’t included?


It’s backlinks, but for a good reason. Every industry and area is different. Some will need lots of high-authority backlinks, and others may only need links from directories to rank on Google.

For this reason need to check what it is you need to rank for and how much authority your site will need to appear on the first page of Google.

We, therefore, advise on a project-by-project basis on what we think is required to get your website to rank.

Get in touch in touch with us to find out more.

Why should you outsource your SEO to our agency?

Let’s cut to the chase. There are a lot of companies offering SEO services, so what makes us stand out? For one, we don’t just strive to provide a tailored service (which is all part and parcel of what we do). We take it a step further: We want you to Find your Roar, and we know that’s different for each and every brand.

We don’t just work with the big jungle cats either. We work with businesses of all sizes, local and global, as we know the difference a solid SEO strategy and successful execution can make to you and your brand’s success, now and in the future.

From keyword research to meta tags to search volumes and link building, we focus on the rules of thumb to make sure the pages on your site are as easily accessible as possible. So you can find and shout about your roar — and have others who are searching for it, find it!

Search engines are fast-paced. That’s why we are too. We are committed to keeping up with current trends, information and updates on what’s going on in the SEO world, and ultimately, know how search engines work. Small changes to Google or Bing’s algorithm can have a big impact on your site’s traffic. And so, just how a tiny roar can reach far and wide — we’re dedicated to keeping on top of these changes to make sure you’re heard loud and clear!


“Thanks for all the work you are doing, it’s definitely showing, we are the busiest we have ever been, and everyone only has good things to say about our web presence.”


James Holmes

Haven Memorials


Frequently asked questions

What is SEO?

SEO stands for “search engine optimisation.” As the name suggests, SEO is the collection of strategies and techniques that improve the visibility and discovery of your website or web page in search engines (e.g., Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.).
SEO is a process that targets unpaid traffic sources, also known as organic results, over paid traffic sources like ads. This process can help improve website visibility and boost traffic levels.

How does SEO work?
Search engines work hard to deliver the best possible results to users. This means providing not only high-quality results, but also results that are relevant to the searcher.

Search engines scan or crawl different websites to better comprehend their content and run them through an algorithm to determine where they should appear on the search result page. By doing this, they aim to deliver the most relevant results for each search for certain topics or keywords.
Additionally, the search engines will analyse the site for user-friendliness, rewarding sites that are easy to navigate and read with higher rankings on SERPs. 
The process of SEO is about working out what your potential customers are searching for and optimising your website to appear as high as possible on the results page for those searches.

What are SEO Packages?

Our SEO packages have been built to offer SMEs with any size budget an SEO service that will enable them to rank higher in organic search results like Google.

What is Local SEO?
SEO can be broken down into several sub-categories, one of which is “local SEO.” As the name suggests, local SEO strategies and techniques aim to improve your website’s local ranking in search engines.
This typically means enhancing the relevance of your website’s content to users in a specific geographic area.
What is Technical SEO?

Technical SEO involves improving the technical aspects of a website to enhance its ranking in search engines. Technical optimisation of a website generally focuses on three key areas: making the site faster, easier for search engines to crawl, and more understandable in terms of content. By improving these factors, you can give your site a better chance of ranking well in search engine results pages.  Technical SEO is part of on-page SEO, which is concerned with optimising website content to achieve higher rankings. 

How much does SEO cost?

It really depends on your business and its goals. However, our done for you measured SEO services start at £150+vat per month, this will definitely get you better results over time but is more suited to smaller businesses targeting a local market. We offer bespoke packages that are tailored to our customer’s goals, this could involve a higher upfront cost to give your site a quicker initial boost and then continuous improvement from there.

How long does SEO take?
Once initiated, SEO is a continuous process that requires maintenance and constant refinement. That being said, the initial setup of an SEO campaign can take anywhere from several weeks to several months. This depends on how often search engines like Google crawl your website and update the results. If your site has been penalised it can take up to a year for them to work through the changes.
You can book a free no-obligation call with us so we can suggest the best options for your site.
Does SEO work?

Yes. Without a doubt, SEO works to improve your website’s visibility in search engines. This is because a large part of SEO is ensuring that your website follows Google’s best practice guidelines and optimising your content to capture more of your potential customers.

Do I need SEO for my website?

The easy answer is yes! We have yet to find a website that wouldn’t benefit from SEO. However, before we take on any new customer, we run a comprehensive audit on your site and only recommend what we believe will work for you. We want all of our customers to be happy with our service! 

Do you carry out SEO work in-house?

Yes, we have a small team of SEO experts that are experienced in optimising websites for search, they receive regular training to keep their skills up to date. 

Do you guarantee results?

As we have no control over the search engine algorithms, we cannot guarantee any customer a top spot in the search engine results pages. Any company that says they can is lying! That said we have yet to come across a website that can’t be improved over time.

Will I lose any of the gains made from SEO if I stop?

If you stop doing SEO, your website will likely lose any ranking improvements it has made over time, in the same way as it takes a time to gain the results initially. However, it is possible to regain lost ground by starting SEO again. 

How long do I need to carry out SEO?

SEO is an ongoing process that needs to be carried out on a regular basis in order to be effective. There is no set amount of time that you need to carry out SEO for, as it will depend on your goals and the current state of your website. However, it is generally recommended that you carry out some SEO on a monthly basis in order to see the best results. 

How can I get started with SEO?

You can book a 30-minute appointment to discuss your specific needs with us here. We will conduct an audit and some research beforehand to go through our recommendations for you.

Can I do SEO myself?

The short answer is yes, you could. However, you would need to understand what is required to help improve a website’s rank and our team have spent hundreds of hours learning techniques and putting them into practice. We understand you have a business to run so let us handle your SEO for you!


Do you offer a customised SEO package?

While we have designed our SEO packages for most small and medium-sized businesses if you need something bespoke get in touch with us with your needs.

Which CMS platforms can you carry out SEO on?

We have experience carrying out SEO on WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, Magento, and Shopify websites. But we can carry out SEO on any platform.

SEO Packages for Hampshire, London, the UK and the World

Our main offices are in London, but we provide our SEO packages to brands all around the globe. You may already have a marketing strategy and key communication messages in place? Fabulous, we can work with you to ensure you’re getting your brand in front of more of who you want to, and encourage them to keep coming back for more.

If you’re a startup making your first footprints in the digital jungle and are curious as to how SEO not only fits into it, but can be used to optimise your strategy too, we can work with you to Find your Roar and build a strong presence.

Or, if you’re already the leader of the pack and want to retain your position — while young, hungry and scrappy cubs are clipping at your paws — then we can help secure your place in the jungle. For more info on our SEO services and for a free SEO audit of your site, give us a shout (or a roar!). We like talking.

Want a free SEO Audit?

Fill in the form below and we will perform an SEO audit on your website that will include:

  • Page quality score
  • Recommendations to get started improving your onsite SEO
  • Analysis of your website page speed with suggested improvements
  • Comparisons with your competitors

Your audit will be carried out by the same tool our SEO customers have access to, automatically and normally takes less than 15 minutes, we email a copy to you when it’s complete.

You can find out more about our Free SEO audit here

By submitting this form, you also consent to us getting in touch with you to discuss the results and how we can help.

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