What Are AI Content Writing Tools – And Should You Use One?

Originally Published: 10 April 2023
Last Updated: 3 April 2023
Written by: Nick Jolliffe

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What Are AI Content Writing Tools - And Should You Use One

Over the past few years, AI has come a long way. From being an idea that belonged in a science fiction novel to Sophia, the AI robot giving people around the world a big case of the uncanny valley. Now, AI developers have turned their heads to the final frontier – the arts. Looking for ways that computer programmes can be taught to create, whether it’s images or writing.

AI content writing tools are tools to help generate written content using AI technology, and over the last few months, they have exploded in popularity. Thanks to the release of ChatGPT, which made AI more accessible to the general public, more people are experimenting with AI-generated content than ever before. But what does that mean, and should you hop on the trend?

How Does AI Content Writing Work?

So, the big question now is, how do computers write content? After all, computers can’t think in creative ways like humans can, so how does it all work? Simply put, AI is just a software programme that uses artificial intelligence to help you write content, or improve the content you write already. That includes helping you with spelling, punctuation and grammar, as well as improving the style and tone of your pieces – something a lot of people struggle with. The software is trained with real-life data, which means it’s fed hundreds of thousands of examples of real-world writing example

The big mistake many people are making is assuming that AI content will just write the content for you, and soon there will be no need for professional writers at all. But that isn’t really the case. AI writing tools are like jet skis. They give tech-based assistance to anyone who already knows how to ride them. AI writing tools give an advantage to people who already know how to write, and help those who can’t write start the journey from a good place. 

Top AI Writing Tools

There are a lot of different AI writing tools out there, with more being developed every day. So it can be difficult to decide which would work best for you, and what it’s best to use them for. But there are 3 that stand out from the crowd, and we’ll share those with you right now. 

Jasper: Jasper is one of the leading software tools out there. It’s best in terms of power, and it can help you create pretty much any type of content you want. From long-form writing to blogs, it can write anything. There’s no guarantee the content will always be good, but it can be useful for helping you get off the ground and giving you a place to start.

CopyAI: CopyAI is proving popular because it is free to start, includes hundreds of templates you can use to generate copy, and is available in multiple languages. It also has the ability to focus on your target audience and create more targeted content. It can be an incredibly helpful way of getting past writers’ block, or getting something past the ideas phase.

Chat GPT: It wouldn’t be an AI content writing tool roundup without mentioning ChatGPT. This little program has taken the world by storm recently by making AI writing more accessible to everyone thanks to its friendly, chatbot-like interface. It has a lot of potential and is fast becoming popular. It comes from Open AI, the company that developed the AI platform that almost all the others use to write their content.

Bonus entry

Zimmwriter: Zimmwriter is a relative newcomer to the AI writing scene, the major benefits are the quality of the content it produces and the price, it is the cheapest on the market! The major difference is that where the others on the market run in a web browser Zimmwriter runs directly on your PC (with a Mac version being developed), this can be a more complicated if you aren’t technical but the major advantage is that it will write absolutely anywhere! There are comprehensive video tutorials and the developer is very active in the Facebook group helping people with any issues they have.

Pros Of AI Content Writing

Beat Writers Block

One of the biggest pros of AI content tools is their ability to generate something on the page. All you have to do is plug in a few prompts, and you can have the beginnings of a blog, an essay or another content form ready to go. Writer’s block is a big hurdle for many people, and AI tools can completely remove that, helping you work more efficiently as a result.


If you need a large quantity of content written, then AI can give a big advantage. Between researching and writing, a human can take upwards of 30 minutes to write a single article, whereas AI can create it in just a few minutes. So if you have a lot of content to create in one go, then AI is a good tool to get the bulk of it done quickly. 

Improve Your Writing

AI writing tools don’t just help you write. They can also help improve your writing using editing and proofreading tools. It can pick up on semantics issues and give you feedback on your writing so that you can learn from your mistakes and improve your general writing style. And as the tools get better, they will become more essential for anyone who wants to improve their writing quality.

Cons To AI Content Writing

Your Readers Can Tell

At the end of the day, your readers can tell if the content is written by AI. Even if they aren’t sure why, people can usually tell if the content wasn’t written by a real person. It has something of the ‘uncanny valley’ to it, and it feels inauthentic and a little spammy. This is why we always say that you should edit anything an AI writing tool creates to sound like you and your brand voice.

Plagiarism Concerns

Since AI content writing is still in its infancy, there are concerns about plagiarism within the content it creates. Specifically, because it is taught using existing writing, it’s impossible for it to generate content that is totally unique. Instead, the content it creates is always going to have elements from other people’s work included. This is generally considered bad all around, but particularly if you want to use the content for SEO purposes. Speaking of which…

Google‘s guidance

Google has been very vocal about the fact that it is OK with AI content as long as it is of high-quality. Their helpful content update aims to ‘help people see more original, helpful content written by people, for people, in search results’. They have recently released a document that clearly explains their position on AI content and it makes it clear that they are likely to only reward content in the search rankings that is helpful and that automated content has actually been around for years.

The reality is that there isn’t currently an AI tool that will do the job of a content writer in its entirety on the market today. Any content that is produced by these tools should be proofread and fact checked before publishing. If you don’t do this then there is a good chance it will do you more harm than good.

At the moment we are experimenting with AI content writing tools in our own content, seeing how they perform and what developments there are in the future before we roll anything out to our clients. If you have any questions about AI writing tools and their use in marketing, we’d love to hear them! Just get in touch with our team today to have a chat.

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