How to Choose an SEO Agency: 10 Key Steps for Success

Originally Published: 22 March 2024
Last Updated: 22 March 2024
Written by: Nick Jolliffe

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selecting the right seo agency

When selecting an SEO agency, you need to:

  • Define your strategic objectives for growth, like increasing traffic.
  • Assess their expertise by checking certifications, team qualifications, and client testimonials.
  • Request case studies to see past successes and suitability for your goals.
  • Avoid low-cost agencies that might compromise quality with black-hat techniques.
  • Evaluate team diversity to benefit from varied expertise suited to your needs.
  • Look for transparency in their processes and desired outcomes.
  • Recognise top SEO companies by their successful strategies, diverse teams, and impressive portfolios.
  • Watch out for red flags like guaranteed rankings or unusually low prices.
  • Make an informed decision aligning with your business goals and website success.

Define Your Strategic Goals

set clear strategic objectives

To choose the right SEO agency, start by clearly defining your strategic goals for your website’s growth and success. When you outline an SEO strategy, specify whether you aim for increased website traffic, higher rankings, or improved conversion rates. Indicate if you need local SEO services, content creation, link building, or technical SEO assistance.

Set measurable objectives like achieving a certain keyword ranking, increasing organic traffic by a specific percentage, or enhancing user engagement metrics. Tailor your goals to match your business’s unique needs, whether it’s brand visibility, lead generation, or online sales growth.

It’s essential to regularly review and adjust your strategic goals to align with evolving industry trends and changes in search engine algorithms. By clearly defining your SEO goals and measurable objectives, you provide a roadmap for the SEO agency to follow, ensuring that their efforts are in line with your business objectives and desired outcomes.

Request Case Studies

Consider requesting case studies from the SEO agency to gain insight into their past successes and capabilities. Case studies serve as tangible evidence of an SEO agency’s abilities and the results they’ve achieved for clients.

By examining these case studies, you can understand the strategies and methodologies the agency implements, helping you assess their suitability for your business goals. To make an informed decision, look for case studies that align with your industry or business size, showcasing the agency’s expertise in similar projects.

Requesting case studies can also provide valuable information on the agency’s track record and performance metrics, giving you a clearer picture of what they can deliver. When evaluating SEO agencies, prioritise reviewing their case studies to confirm they’ve a proven track record of achieving results that align with your objectives.

Avoid Very Low-Cost Agencies

choose reputable marketing agencies

Opt for reputable SEO agencies that prioritise quality over cost to safeguard your website’s rankings and long-term success.

While it may be tempting to go for cheap SEO agencies to save money, it’s important to remember that quality SEO services require expertise and resources that may not be sustainable with extremely low prices. Very low-cost SEO agencies can often resort to using black-hat techniques that can harm your website’s rankings in the long run.

These agencies may outsource work to countries with lower labour costs, leading to potential quality and communication issues. Agencies offering heavily discounted rates may lack the necessary skills or experience for effective SEO practices.

Investing in a reputable SEO agency with proven results is vital for your website’s success, even if it means a higher initial cost. Prioritising value over cost when selecting an SEO agency can help you avoid potential pitfalls and guarantee that your website receives the quality services it needs for top performance.

At Lion Spirit Media, we have SEO packages to suit any budget and business size. The amount you spend with us directly affects the time we spend working on your site each month, and we never use black hat techniques to get your site to rank higher.

Assess Agency Expertise

Assess the agency’s depth of experience across diverse industries and businesses when gauging their expertise in SEO campaigns. To evaluate the agency’s expertise effectively, consider the following points:

  • Look for certifications or accreditations that highlight the agency’s proficiency in SEO practices.
  • Review the team’s qualifications and experience, including SEO experts, content creators, and technical specialists, to guarantee extensive support.
  • Examine the agency’s success stories and case studies to understand their track record in delivering results for clients.
  • Evaluate client testimonials and feedback to gauge the agency’s reputation and client satisfaction levels within the SEO industry.
  • Consider the agency’s approach to technical SEO work and how they implement strategies to enhance website performance and visibility.

Evaluate Team Diversity

assessing team diversity impact

Exploring the diverse composition of a team within an SEO agency reveals the range of specialised skills available for optimizing your website effectively. A team with varied expertise in technical SEO, content creation, link building, and website design can cater to your specific SEO needs thoroughly. By choosing an SEO agency with team diversity, you guarantee a holistic approach that addresses all aspects vital for boosting your website’s performance.

Having specialists in different areas allows the agency to view your SEO requirements from multiple perspectives, leading to more tailored strategies. This varied skill set not only enhances the effectiveness of the SEO service but also showcases the agency’s ability to adapt to the evolving landscape of the industry. When looking to find an SEO agency, team diversity is a key factor to take into account as it can greatly impact the success of your optimisation efforts.

Prioritise Value Over Cost

When selecting an SEO agency, it’s essential to prioritise value over cost to guarantee long-term success and sustainable results. Here are some key factors to take into account when making this important decision:

  • ROI Focus: Examine the long-term benefits and return on investment of hiring an SEO firm.
  • Quality Services: Choosing the top SEO agency can increase traffic, higher rankings, and improved conversion rates.
  • Avoid Cheap Solutions: Be cautious of extremely low-cost agencies that might use ineffective tactics which could harm your website in the long run.
  • Tailored Strategies: Prioritising value ensures you receive customised strategies, transparent communication, and lasting outcomes from the chosen SEO agency.
  • Business Growth: Investing in a reputable SEO firm can boost your online presence, credibility, and overall business growth.

Expect transparency – They should be telling you what they are doing!

demand open communication always

To guarantee long-term success and effective results, prioritise value over cost when selecting an SEO agency, focusing on their transparency in explaining their actions and strategies.

When choosing the right SEO agency for your website, transparency is key. A reputable agency will provide detailed reports on their strategies, ensuring you understand the methods employed to enhance your site’s search engine visibility. Look for companies that openly communicate their processes, keeping you informed about progress and developments.

By selecting a transparent agency, you can build trust and assess the effectiveness of their efforts accurately. Understanding the actions taken by the SEO experts will empower you to make informed decisions and align your goals with their strategies effectively.

At Lion Spirit Media, we record the actions that we take to improve your website each month and include this in your reports, we think it is important to tell you what we have done as there are so many “SEO experts” out there that will take your money and not tell you what they did with it.

Know Your Desired Outcomes

Understanding your desired outcomes is crucial when selecting an SEO agency for your website’s success. To guarantee you choose the right agency that aligns with your goals, consider the following:

  • Define Specific SEO Goals: Clearly outline what you aim to achieve, whether it’s increasing organic traffic, improving keyword rankings, or enhancing brand visibility.
  • Determine Desired Outcomes: Identify the results you want, such as generating quality leads or boosting online sales revenue.
  • Tailor Your Choice: Select an SEO agency that can deliver measurable results in line with your business objectives.
  • Consider KPIs: Focus on key performance indicators like conversion rates, bounce rates, and time on site to measure the success of your SEO efforts.
  • Regularly Reassess Goals: Stay proactive by adjusting goals as needed to keep up with industry trends and algorithm updates.

Characteristics of Top SEO Companies

seo company key traits

Top SEO companies implement a defined process to guarantee successful execution of strategies. By having a structured approach, these companies can deliver consistent results and meet the goals set for your website.

Another key characteristic of top SEO companies is their impressive portfolio, showcasing past work and measurable results that demonstrate their expertise and effectiveness. They provide real customer testimonials and references, giving you confidence in their abilities to deliver on their promises.

In addition, the best SEO agencies practice what they preach by ranking well on search engines themselves, proving their proficiency in the field. When looking for an SEO agency, these characteristics can help you identify the right partner for improving your website’s search engine performance.

Recognise SEO Agency Red Flags

When assessing potential SEO agencies, keep an eye out for certain warning signs that could indicate practices detrimental to your website’s success. Here are some red flags to be mindful of:

  • Guaranteed Rankings: Avoid agencies that promise specific rankings on Google, as no one can control search engine algorithms.
  • Black-Hat Techniques: Be cautious of agencies using unethical practices like keyword stuffing or bulk buying links to manipulate rankings.
  • Ultra-Low Pricing: Extremely cheap services may indicate subpar quality or shortcuts that could harm your website’s reputation.
  • Outsourcing Abroad: Watch out for agencies that subcontract work to other countries, which could result in communication issues or quality concerns.
  • Lack of Transparency: Thoroughly research potential agencies to make sure they follow ethical practices and have a transparent approach to their strategies.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Factors to Consider When Choosing an SEO Agency?

Consider industry experience, track record, transparency in communication, pricing, and contracts. Look for testimonials, reporting methods, and ethical practices. Prioritise tangible results over rankings and low costs. Build a strong relationship with the agency for successful outcomes.

How Do I Find a Good SEO Agency?

To find a good SEO agency, focus on tangible results, request case studies aligned with your goals, and meet in person to assess expertise. Prioritise value over cost, evaluate team diversity and expertise, and consider factors like conversion optimization for the right fit.

How Do I Choose a Local SEO Company?

When choosing a local SEO company, prioritise experience with local search optimization and NAP consistency. Seek agencies familiar with local directories and geo-targeted keywords. Evaluate their success in local map packs and organic search rankings for informed decision-making.


To sum up, picking the right SEO agency is a crucial decision that can profoundly impact your online success. By outlining your goals, requesting case studies, evaluating expertise, and analysing team diversity, you can make an informed choice.

Transparency, desired outcomes, and recognizing warning signs are key factors to take into account when selecting an agency. With thorough research and careful deliberation, you can find a top SEO company that will help enhance your website’s performance and drive business growth.

If you need help with SEO on your website then get in touch with us today. We have helped businesses large and small grow their traffic, leads and sales.

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