Your Guide to Creating a Jaw-dropping Salon Website

Originally Published: 16 October 2023
Last updated: 6 October 2023
Written by: Nick Jolliffe

Reading Time: 15.31 minutes

Categories: Beauty Industry
Your Guide to Creating a Jaw-dropping Salon Website

Looking to create a showstopping website for your salon? Look no further! We’ve got you covered with this step-by-step guide.

We’ll guide you through designing and building a professional and eye-catching website that will attract new clients and showcase your salon’s unique style.

No technical skills are required – you can use beginner-friendly platforms like Wix and Squarespace.

Get ready to take your salon to the next level with a stunning online presence that will leave a lasting impression.

Key Points

  • Selecting the correct website builder platform, like Wix or Squarespace, is vital for producing a salon website with a professional appearance, even without technical expertise.
  • Engaging a salon marketing agency can be time-saving and enhance the website’s effectiveness in attracting new clients, building the website on your own is the most affordable option, so if you are on a tight budget or its your first website this may be the best option.
  • Integrating salon software, is essential for enabling booking capabilities, and making the right choices regarding salon software and integration options is crucial.
  • Promoting the salon website through effective SEO strategies, running Facebook advertisements, and leveraging social media can generate traffic and entice new clients.

Things to consider before you start:

Before you plunge into creating your salon website, there are a few important things to consider.

Firstly, ensure that your website is optimised for mobile devices, as many people access the internet using their smartphones.

Additionally, make sure that your site loads quickly, as slow-loading websites can cause frustration for visitors.

Next, decide whether you want to build the website yourself or hire an agency. Take into account your budget, time constraints, and technical skills before reaching a decision.

Furthermore, think about whether you want to incorporate an online booking system into your website to streamline the scheduling process.

Lastly, consider whether you are able to write your own content or if you need assistance in creating engaging and informative text for your salon website.

Make sure your website is optimised for mobile.

Optimising your salon website for mobile devices is essential to ensure a seamless user experience. In today’s fast-paced world, people are constantly on their mobile phones, searching for information on the go.

To create a website that caters to this mobile-savvy audience, you need to consider mobile optimisation. When building your salon website using a website builder, make sure to choose a platform that offers responsive design templates. These templates automatically adjust to fit different screen sizes, ensuring your website looks great on any device.

Additionally, pay attention to the layout and navigation of your website, ensuring it’s easy to use on a smaller screen.

Make sure your site loads quickly.

Make sure that your website loads quickly on all devices and browsers, so potential clients don’t become frustrated and leave. A slow-loading website can deter visitors and damage your salon’s online presence, as Google uses speed as a ranking factor.

Should you build the website yourself or use an agency?

If you’re considering creating a showstopping salon website, it’s important to weigh the options of building the website yourself or using an agency. Here are some things to consider before you make a decision:

  • Your web design: Consider your design preferences and the level of customisation you want for your salon website. When we create a website for a client we ask them about design details they like from other websites, these are almost impossible to recreate in a DIY site builder.
  • Design templates: Some website builders, like Wix, offer predefined design templates specifically for salon websites, these make it easier for you to create a visually appealing site and are ideal for startups, but they are not as customisable as a professionally designed site.
  • Time: As a salon owner, you may have limited time and resources to dedicate to building and maintaining a website. Consider how much time you can invest in this task.
  • Professional business: A well-designed and functional website is crucial for any professional business, including salons. It helps build trust and attracts potential clients.

Our recommendation is if you have the time start with a site built from a template when starting out, but once you are established consider employing an agency for your redesign.

Would you like an online booking system?

So, do you want to include an online booking system on your salon website? Offering online booking can be a game-changer for your salon, making it more convenient for your clients to schedule appointments and helping you manage your bookings more efficiently. Before you start, there are a few things to consider. Take a look at the table below for a quick overview:

ConvenienceClients can book anytime, anywherePotential for double bookings if not set up properly
Time-savingReduces time spent on phone calls and manual schedulingRequires initial setup and outlay
Increased bookingsMakes it easier for clients to book, leading to more appointmentsSome clients may still prefer phone or in-person booking
Professional imageShows that your salon is modern and tech-savvyMay require additional costs for booking software or plugins
Data collectionAllows you to gather client information for marketing purposesRequires regular maintenance and updates to ensure smooth operation

Consider these factors to determine if an online booking system is the right choice for your salon. If you decide to proceed, there are various options available, such as using a salon management software with built-in online booking capabilities or integrating a booking plugin into your website. Remember, the ultimate goal is to create a seamless and user-friendly experience for your clients while streamlining your appointment management process. If you need help integrating a booking system with your current website or would like a new website with one built-in, get in touch with us today.

Can you write your own content?

Before you start, think about whether you can write your own content for your salon website. Writing your own content can be a cost-effective option and allows you to showcase your unique brand voice. However, there are a few things to consider before taking on this task:

  • SEO: Writing content that is optimised for search engines will help improve your website’s visibility and attract more potential clients, this is a skill that is perfected over many years and requires a great deal of research to get right.
  • Showcasing your services: Your website’s content should reflect your salon’s personality and services to create a compelling online presence.
  • Content: Think about the type of content you want to include on your website, such as service descriptions, stylist profiles, client testimonials, and blog posts.

At Lion Spirit Media, we have almost 10 years of experience of writing for businesses like yours, and we know how to get you found by search engines like Google. We can research and write the content for your website without the need for a site redesign if you prefer. Get in touch with us today.

How to create a salon website

So you’re ready to create a salon website that will leave a lasting impression on your clients? Let’s get started!

First, pick a catchy domain name that represents your brand.

Then, research website design trends and choose the ones that resonate with your salon’s style.

Next, plan out the structure of your website by creating a sitemap and deciding on the pages you’ll need.

Once you’ve done that, it’s time to choose a platform and start designing your site.

Get ready to create a showstopping online presence for your salon!

Choose a domain name

When creating your salon website, it’s important to choose a domain name that reflects your brand and is easy for clients to remember. Your domain name is like your salon’s online address, so you want it to be catchy and memorable.

Here are some tips to help you choose the perfect domain name for your salon website:

  • Keep it simple and concise: Choose a domain name that is short and easy to spell. Avoid using complicated words or numbers that can confuse your clients. Keep it simple and just use your business name!
  • Avoid copyright infringement: Make sure your domain name is original and doesn’t violate any copyright laws. Conduct a thorough search to ensure that your chosen domain name isn’t already taken by another business.
  • Consider future growth: Choose a domain name that allows room for your salon to expand in the future. You may want to add new services or locations, so make sure your domain name can accommodate these changes, by not including either in the name (You can cover both in your page headings, titles and meta descriptions). This is important as if you need to change your domain name in the future then you will see a drop in traffic (at least temporarily).

Research website design trends and select the ones you admire.

Choose a minimum of three website design trends that you appreciate and integrate them into your salon website to establish a visually attractive and contemporary online presence. Stay up-to-date with the latest styles and aesthetics by researching website design trends. Seek inspiration from other salon websites, fashion magazines, and even social media platforms.

Consider trends like minimalism, which emphasises clean lines and simple layouts, or bold and vibrant colors that create an impact. Responsive design is also crucial to ensure that your website appears remarkable on any device. Remember to prioritise user experience, incorporating easy navigation and clear calls to action.

Organise your sitemap and identify the pages your website will require.

To create a salon website, you’ll need to structure your sitemap and determine the pages that your site will require. This is an important step as it will help you organise your content and ensure a smooth user experience.

Here are five key pages that your salon website should include:

  • Home: This is the first page visitors will see, so make it inviting and showcase your salon’s unique style and services.
  • About Us: Share your salon’s story, mission, and team members to create a sense of connection and trust with potential clients.
  • Services: Provide a detailed list of the services you offer, including haircuts, colouring, styling, and any specialty treatments. To enhance your visibility, create a page for each service.
  • Gallery: Showcase your salon’s work with high-quality images of happy clients and stunning hairstyles to inspire potential customers.
  • Contact: Make it easy for visitors to get in touch with you by including your salon’s address, phone number, email, and a contact form.

Decide which platform you would like to use.

To create a salon website, you’ll need to decide on the platform you’d like to use. There are various options available, ranging from using website builders to hiring a design agency.

If you prefer to build your own website, using a website builder like Wix or Squarespace can be a great choice. These platforms are beginner-friendly and offer predefined design templates specifically for salon websites. They allow you to create a professional-looking website without any technical skills.

On the other hand, if you want a more customised and tailored website, you may consider hiring a design agency. We can help perfect the design of your website and provide powerful features.

Ultimately, the decision depends on your budget, time, and specific needs for your salon website.

Design your website

Create a visually appealing and user-friendly website for your salon by designing it with attention to detail and incorporating elements that reflect your brand identity. Design skills are important when creating a salon website, but you don’t need to be a professional designer to achieve a great result.

When designing your site, consider the layout, colour scheme, and typography to create a cohesive and visually appealing look. Pay attention to the footer of your website, as it’s a great place to include important information such as contact details and social media links.

Write your content

Start by generating ideas and producing captivating content that showcases the unique services of your salon and appeals to potential clients. Ensure that your salon website is informative, visually appealing, and user-friendly. Dedicate time to crafting engaging content that highlights your services and emphasises why clients should choose your salon. Incorporate keywords that potential clients are likely to search for when seeking salon services, such as ‘haircuts,’ ‘colouring,’ ‘nail treatments,’ and ‘spa services.’

Add online bookings and payments (If using)

When setting up your salon website, consider adding online bookings and payments for a seamless customer experience. By offering online bookings and payments, you can make it easier for your clients to schedule appointments and pay for your services.

Here are five reasons why you should consider adding online bookings and payments to your salon website:

  • Convenience: Clients can book appointments anytime, anywhere, without having to make a phone call or visit your salon in person.
  • Time-saving: Online bookings save you time by reducing the number of phone calls and administrative tasks associated with scheduling appointments.
  • Increased revenue: With online payments, clients can easily pay for your services upfront, reducing the risk of no-shows and ensuring timely payments.
  • Customer satisfaction: Offering online bookings and payments shows that you value your clients’ time and convenience, leading to increased customer satisfaction.
  • Competitive advantage: By offering online bookings and payments, you can stand out from your competitors and attract tech-savvy clients who prefer the convenience of online transactions.

Incorporating online bookings and payments into your salon website is a crucial step in creating a showstopping online presence for your business.

Collect feedback on your website

Ask your clients for feedback on your salon website, as their input can help you improve its design and functionality. Gathering feedback is essential in creating a website that resonates with your audience and provides a seamless user experience.

Optimise your site for Search Engines (SEO)

Ensure your salon website is optimised for search engines to increase visibility and attract more potential clients. Here are five essential tips to help you optimise your site for search engines:

  • Carry out keyword research to identify the most relevant keywords for your salon website.
  • Create high-quality, engaging content that incorporates these keywords naturally.

Utilise local SEO strategies to target potential clients in your area, such as including your location in page titles and meta descriptions.

Optimise your website’s loading speed and mobile responsiveness to improve user experience and search engine rankings.

Spread the word on social media

Use various social media platforms to promote your salon website and reach a wider audience. Social media is a powerful tool for spreading the word about your salon and attracting new clients.

Create engaging content that showcases your salon’s services, expertise, and customer testimonials. Share photos and videos of your talented stylists in action, and offer exclusive promotions and discounts to your social media followers.

Encourage your clients to share their experiences on their own social media accounts, and engage with them by responding to comments and messages promptly. By consistently posting and interacting on social media, you can build a loyal community of clients who will help spread the word about your salon.

Don’t forget to include links to your salon website in your social media profiles and posts to drive traffic and increase bookings. Start spreading the word on social media today and watch your salon website thrive.

Frequently asked questions

Does a salon need a website?

Here are some reasons your salon should have a website:

  1. Creating a salon website can greatly benefit your business by increasing visibility and attracting new clients. 
  2. Having a website with booking capabilities makes it convenient for clients to schedule appointments anytime, anywhere.
  3. A website can help you expand your reach and attract new clients who are searching for beauty salons in your area.
  4. Having a professional website sets you apart from other salons and makes a lasting impression on potential clients.

What should be included in a salon website

When it comes to your salon business website, it’s important to provide potential customers with all the information they need to feel confident booking an appointment with you.

Start by including details about the services you offer, such as haircuts, colour treatments, and styling options.

Showcase your expertise and professionalism by featuring photos and videos of your salon and the talented stylists who work there.

Make it easy for visitors to book an appointment by including a simple and intuitive online booking system.

Additionally, consider adding customer testimonials to build trust and credibility.

How much does it cost to create a website for a salon?

You might be wondering, how much does it cost to create a website for your salon? Well, let’s break it down for you. Here are some key factors that can affect the cost of creating a salon website:

  • Design and Development: The complexity and customisation of your website design can impact the cost. A basic template might be more affordable, while a custom design can be pricier.
  • Website Builder Platform: The choice of website builder platform can also affect the cost. Some platforms offer free plans with limited features, while others have monthly subscription fees.
  • Features and Functionality: The more features and functionality you want on your website, the higher the cost. This can include online booking systems, e-commerce capabilities, and integration with salon management software.
  • Content Creation: If you need help with creating content for your website, such as writing copy or taking professional photos, you may need to budget for additional costs.
  • Maintenance and Support: Ongoing maintenance and support for your website can also add to the overall cost. This can include regular updates, security measures, and technical assistance.

You can create a website yourself for around £200 a year, having a professional do this for you is likely to cost between £3000 – £5000, but the result will be a website that will bring more customers to your business.


Congratulations! By following this step-by-step guide, you are now equipped with the knowledge and tools to create a stunning and professional website for your salon.

With the help of user-friendly website builders like Wix and Square Space, you can showcase your salon’s unique style and attract new clients.

Don’t forget to integrate a booking system for seamless booking capabilities and promote your website to reach potential clients.

Get ready to elevate your salon’s online presence and leave a lasting impression on your clients!

If you need help with your website content, design or SEO then get in touch with us today for a free consultation.

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