Marketing Strategies For Beauty And Cosmetic Brands

Originally Published: 10 July 2023
Last updated: 18 June 2023
Written by: Nick Jolliffe

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Marketing Strategies For Beauty And Cosmetic Brands

Beauty brands are always competing. It’s a heavily saturated market with more competition emerging all the time, which means brands need to come up with new ways to stand out. That means you need to not only understand your consumers and their new attitudes, but be willing to adjust your approach and try something new. So for 2023, why not try some of these new marketing strategies for your beauty brand?

Beauty RX

Over the last few years, consumers’ views on beauty products have shifted. Rather than believing claims made by big brands about their products, consumers now want to see proof. Fuelled in part by the pandemic, customers are looking to achieve professional results at home, with hard evidence for every product. This medicalisation of beauty is leading to more demand for proof behind claims, creating value through ingredient-led products and driving the market for synthetic natural ingredients.

What does this mean? It means that your marketing strategy should embrace this shift. If customers want proof that their money is being well spent on effective ingredients, then providing messaging around that is essential. While you shouldn’t forget your usual marketing angle, bringing in a scientific approach can go a long way to convince consumers that your products will help them achieve their ideal results. 

Build A Community

As the channels of communication between consumers and brands open up even further, we are starting to see more of a focus on community. Creating a sense of digital belonging, especially post-pandemic, is incredibly important, and beauty brands can be at the heart of that effort. This can be done by embracing and creating new rules of engagement, encouraging playfulness and experimentation with their products, and providing opportunities for genuine engagement with each other as well as the brand. 

Interactive experiences have always proven popular, whether that’s pop-up stands allowing consumers to create their own shade of lipstick or VR that lets people ‘try on’ products before buying. Doing Q&A sessions on social media can make your brand into a helpful beauty guide for consumers, and providing fun, engaging content that’s about more than just your product can help solidify that feeling of community.

Create A Multi-Channel Sales Flow 

Successfully selling beauty and cosmetic products online is about much more than just having a well-known brand. In a modern market where consumers are searching for independent and smaller beauty brands, it’s important to build a multi-channel sales process that can do everything from building awareness to complete sales. The most successful beauty brands of every size have multiple distribution channels that include (but aren’t limited to):

  • eCommerce websites
  • Blogging and guest blogging
  • Email newsletters
  • Activity on multiple social media platforms
  • Creating tutorials and helpful content on YouTube
  • Paid promotions and advertisements
  • Influencer marketing

By using multiple forms of digital marketing and cross-promoting your brand, you can build awareness and drive traffic to your website and to your stores.


Beauty products are often considered a luxury, and price point can make or break a sale. As well as choosing a price that’s accessible to your target audience, you can also make heavy use of promotions and discounts. These can work both online and in bricks and mortar locations, and are a great way to convince consumers to try your product instead of their usual brand. 

Free giveaways are another great option here, as it allows you to either build up a mailing list or spread your brand further afield. Social media giveaways are usually structured as ‘like, comment, tag a friend and share’ in order to get an entry. This means that consumers who are already engaged with your brand share it with their networks, exposing your business to a new audience. Competitions can be a great way to build up an email newsletter list, allowing you to send targeted advertisement later on.


We’ve talked about this before, but influencer marketing really is an important part of beauty marketing, and it’s becoming more so as time goes on. By collaborating with influencers or even other beauty brands you can create a whole new buzz around your products and introduce them to a new audience. Social media influencers are the people who have gained a reputation for their knowledge in a specific area, and beauty is one of the biggest sources of influencers there is. 

Companies can partner with influencers to market their products in exchange for free products, discount codes or fees. In return, the influencer will share your product with their audience and encourage them to buy it – often putting your brand in front of thousands if not millions of new consumers. We go into a bit more detail about social media influencers and share tips on how to choose the right influencer for your business in this blog post, so if you’re considering it, take a look!

Another option for collaboration is with other companies. For example, if you’re a skincare brand, you might consider approaching local spas, hotels, salons and beauticians to see if they want to use and stock your products. It can be a bit more challenging, but collaborating with these places can add an extra revenue stream to your business and spread brand awareness.Lion Spirit Media is a renowned beauty marketing company that specialises in online advertising for cosmetic and skincare products. We’re the greatest beauty and cosmetic marketing firm you could collaborate with, whether it’s generating organic brand revenue or developing beauty advertising campaigns that connect with consumers and encourage them to buy your items. We’ve developed marketing campaigns for all sizes of beauty brands from Indie beauty brands to high-end cosmetics brands. If you’d like to find out more about our work, or how we could help your beauty business stand out from the crowd, just get in touch with the team today.

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