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With 16 years in project and team management, I love to strategise, organise content calendars, and ensure every detail of your content marketing and communications is taken care of. At Lion Spirit Media, I specialise in the more technical side of digital marketing like SEO, Web Design and Marketing Automation.With technology a helpful and necessary extension across global teams, I’m never happier than when using digital marketing capabilities, software and automation to maximise your business’s success.I use my leadership, analytical and organisational expertise to consider how best digital marketing technologies, techniques and trends can be used to achieve your growth goals. It’s not tech for tech’s sake — it’s well-thought-out, tailored strategies for you.When I’m not catching up on the latest tech and gadget news, you’ll find me travelling or perfecting my latest dish (which I’ll have inevitably picked up from a recent travelling adventure!).

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How to grow your Salon’s Online Presence

How to grow your Salon’s Online Presence

In an increasingly digital world, establishing a strong online presence is paramount for the success of salons. A well-crafted and user-friendly website has the potential to attract new clients and showcase the unique services offered. However, deciding whether to...

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