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Are you a small business that wants to take control of your own search engine optimisation (SEO) efforts?

With Lion Spirit Media’s DIY SEO software, you can do exactly that. Our software helps you gain an edge in the search engine rankings through a variety of powerful tools, including keyword research, link building, and competitor analysis.

Plus, you can pay for expert support on demand when you need it most. Our DIY SEO solution makes it easy to develop an effective SEO plan without any special technical or marketing expertise. Get started today to give your business the boost it needs.

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Do you want to do your own SEO but need help when you get stuck?

Our DIY SEO Software is the ideal solution for small business owners who want to do their own SEO without breaking the bank. Our software includes all the features you need to get started with SEO, with the added bonus that you can request our team carry out any work for you that you don’t have time for!

With Our DIY SEO Software you get the best of both worlds – you can do your own SEO with the help of our comprehensive software, and you can get support from our experienced team when you need it. Get started today and take your SEO to the next level.

We are confident that you will love our software, so we offer a 14-day money back guarantee if you don’t!

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Why is our SEO software the best for small business?

We understand that small businesses have teams of people that may be doing more than one role and their time is limited. Even if you have a small marketing team our software is perfect for you!

Our SEO software is perfect for busy businesses that any skill level when it comes to SEO as it acts as it guides you through the actions that you need to undertake to improve your SEO.

When you first sign up for the software, it scans your website, and links to your Google Search Console to pull through your current ranking data and then guides you through the process of keyword research and creating an SEO strategy.

Once complete, the system creates a list of actions to complete and even tells you how long it will take you to complete each of them! Our system prioritises actions so that the most important ones are suggested first, and you can also decide how many hours you can put into your SEO each month.

Your website is also scanned regularly, so you can be assured the most important actions are on your list each month, and the information in the system never goes stale.

Perhaps the most important feature is that you can request support from our team of SEO experts at any time, and we will carry out any improvements you require for you!

Other features of our software


Keyword Research

Our software helps you find the keywords your customers are searching for. Whether we show you the top phrases in your industry based on what your products and services are, or on what your competitors are offering, we will show you the top phrases in your industry. The predicted ranking difficulty is also shown to ensure that you identify the most achievable keywords and the search volume.

Find Content Topics

To generate new content ideas for your blog, our software helps you to identify what content your clients are consuming on Google, Twitter, and Youtube, along with how to repurpose these ideas and use them in your blog. With AI you can even create blog outline!

Find and analyse your competitors

You might want to spy on your competitors to get new ideas for your SEO strategy. If you use our software, you will get a clear picture of what keywords they are ranking for, how much traffic they are receiving and where it is coming from, what backlinks they have, and what blog content they rank for (great for keyword inspiration). Each month our software will also suggest more competitors that rank for similar keywords to your site.

Link your Google Business Profile

You can easily make your Google My Business listing appear higher in the search results when you use our Software, which will help you optimise every crucial part of the listing. Not only will it tell you exactly what needs to be changed, but you can do so directly within the platform. By linking your Google Business Profile, our software will also include improvements in your monthly actions. We also identify opportunities to list your business in local directories.

Find Backlink Opportunities

The SEO platform is designed to help you build backlinks – it also tracks all of the new and lost backlinks you acquire and reports the backlinks of your competitors. It displays a score for your backlinks to show you how valuable these links are.

Technical SEO suggestions

Our software continuously tracks and analyses your website, not only will it analyse it from a technical SEO standpoint, but it will also highlight any areas that should be fixed if you wish to improve your SEO performance (and provides handy guides for making any necessary technical changes).


Keyword Tracking and Reporting

Track your search engine rankings over time to identify exactly where your site appears in the Google search results by using our platform. You can decide whether you want to track your results internationally or locally.

Our platform will allow you to have a clear and detailed understanding of the impact your SEO results are having on your customer acquisition. It will also provide you with information on top traffic sources, countries, cities, devices, and referrals for your website traffic over your chosen time period. You can set up regular reports that you can share with you team.


Our platform guides you through each action that is suggested. We have also created an SEO academy to help you understand the fundamentals of SEO.

Get specialist SEO help when you need it

You don’t need to worry if you get stuck, we have experts on hand to help you! We offer a stress-free option with the click of a button if you feel overwhelmed by a particular SEO task or alteration that has been suggested by the platform’s artificial intelligence in the Action Engine (all of which are completed within three working days).

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Do you want more than 2 hours help with your SEO each month?

Explain that we have larger SEO packages available on SEO packages page.

We understand that your business has unique needs when it comes to search engine optimisation (SEO). That’s why we offer larger SEO packages on our SEO Packages page. These packages are tailored to your specific needs and can help you reach your desired goals more quickly. Our larger packages are suited to websites for larger businesses or businesses that need more support.

Get in touch with us if you aren’t sure what your requirements are, we can look at your website and recommend the best package for you.

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Your audit will be carried out by our SEO platform automatically and normally takes less than 15 minutes, we also email a copy to you when it’s complete.

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