How Could You Use A Lead Magnet?

Originally Published: 5 June 2023
Last updated: 2 May 2024
Written by: Nick Jolliffe

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How Could You Use A Lead Magnet

Last month we published this blog, which talks all about what a lead magnet is, and more importantly how you can write a good one. That blog is a sort of prequel to this one, so if you haven’t read it already, go and do that now. If you have, then welcome to the unofficial part 2!

We’re often asked how different businesses could use lead magnets in their marketing, and what on earth they could create a lead magnet about. And since we help so many businesses put them together, we wanted to share some ideas with you. Here are some examples of amazing lead magnets from the industries we work in, some of which you wouldn’t expect a lead magnet from!


Some of the simplest lead magnets for the beauty industry are already done by most brands – you just wouldn’t think of them as ‘lead magnets’. Discounts, free samples and special offers are the most common, and they’re also the most effective. Another option that’s gaining traction at the moment is the ‘free consultation’. As buyers are looking for more scientific and personalised beauty and skincare, offering a consultation or shade match service can go a long way to drawing in prospects and starting them down the purchasing journey. There are some really innovative ways to do this too. AI tools allow buyers to ‘try on’ your products virtually (Check out this one by Maybelline), and you can easily create skincare quizzes that reveal what the perfect regimen would be for your skin type. They may take a little investment to create, but they will pay themselves off in no time.

Another option is guides. The beauty industry does a lot of online tutorials and video content for good reason, but depending on your position in the beauty market eBooks can also be a good option. For example, we recently launched this eBook in collaboration with a leading ingredient supplier for indie beauty brands, showcasing their knowledge and expertise to other beauty brands. Even for B2C beauty brands written guides and checklists can be helpful, as they can be ideal for people who might not be comfortable trying to navigate through your website, or are just starting out their beauty journey.


The world of sustainability is all about data, so reports, whitepapers, research and eBooks are going to be your best friend here. Collating information that’s available through the bigger research organisations, or even doing research of your own, and presenting it in your own way can add a lot of credibility to your business, and provide prospects with a useful resource on their sustainability journey.

You can also provide proactive lead magnets for businesses and individuals just starting out on their sustainability journey. For example, checklists of small steps they can take towards sustainability. Templates they can use to develop sustainability policies, or workbooks to help them understand their existing impact. These tools help drive home your message and provide value to the user, making them much more likely to come back to you for more once they’ve finished them.

Depending on the type of business you run, you may also be able to offer free samples or demonstrations of products, which can go a long way towards conversion.

Food and Drink

Just like the beauty industry, food and drink companies are probably offering some of the most basic lead magnets already. Special offers, discounts and competitions are all common and expected, and many customers even wait for them to buy from you, so they’re definitely worth doing. But if you really want to boost your sales, you might need to go bigger.

For example, making recipe videos using your ingredients, or even creating a recipe eBook for people to download can be incredibly successful. Run competitions on the most inventive thing someone can do with one of your ingredients. Create printables for grocery shopping or a staple-food list. Write guides on how to eat without wasting food, or make videos on kitchen hacks to promote on social media.

A lead magnet that not enough food and drink brands take advantage of is free sampling. Having teams go out into retailers (with their agreement of course) and offering free samples of your products, talking to customers about their preferences and providing incentives to buy can be one of your best conversion tools. It’s on the pricier end of lead magnets and there’s a lot of overlap with sales, but the results speak for themselves.


Healthcare is another industry that thrives on information, so once again eBooks and reports are a good way to go. As a leader in the healthcare industry, you want to be seen as an educator, and what better way to do this than to share information freely? Introductions to certain topics, how-to guides, reports or even recipe collections can all be very effective.

If you work directly with customers, then another great lead magnet is running a webinar. These can be really helpful in building an audience who wants to learn about what you do, and warm up a large number of people to your services in one go. You can also provide information, answer questions and hold discussions, overall providing a lot of free value in that time period.

Free printables can also be a huge opportunity for health and wellness-based businesses. Wellness trackers for habits, goals, mood management, mental health journalling and more can all be great ways to give away value and keep your brand name in front of engaged prospects. At Lion Spirit Media we love a challenge, and if you think your industry wouldn’t benefit from a lead magnet, we would love to hear from you! Our experts can work with you to design lead magnets that will attract customers from far and wide, and be compelling enough to convert them too. So go ahead, find your ROAR in the jungle with Lion Spirit. Just get in touch today to book your free consultation.

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