Our New Entrepreneur Empowerment Series is Here!

Updated: 23 July 2020
Entrepreneur Empowerment series

It’s here! Our brand new Entrepreneur Empowerment series. We’re talking to entrepreneurs in the midst of launching or growing their brands, as well as delving into those founders who’ve made it into the hall of entrepreneurship fame. We want to see what it is that makes them hungry for what they do!

As we navigate our lives and businesses through a global pandemic, we may well see more and more entrepreneurs itching to take their idea further, harness their creativity and put their innovations out there for all to enjoy! Let’s hope so!

With so much sadness in the world in recent months, we want to celebrate what’s good. People excited about opportunities, waking up with a renewed passion and uncovering a skill they never knew they had, or a love they thought they’d lost.

We’ll be exploring new and evolving entrepreneurs and their dreams. Along with those that are often hailed as entrepreneurial superstars! Join us every week to get into the entrepreneurial stories, mindsets and experiences that have brought them to where they are today!

We hope these stories empower, inspire and encourage.

Check out our first interview with Patrick Kelly, Founder of cloud-connected technology provider, Adapt.

We have also spoken to:

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