6 Content Marketing Tools That Will Make Your Content Roar

Originally Published: 15 March 2019
Last updated: 28 June 2022
Written by: Nick Jolliffe

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6 Content Marketing Tools That Will Make Your Content Roar

“Content is king” is the first rule of digital marketing. Therefore, if you want your business to survive online, you have to get it right. As new technology changes the face of consumerism, content marketing tools must change too. Cultural trends come and go, people adopt new ways of accessing the internet, and content preferences change. So, to succeed, you have to keep up.

As content marketing becomes more complex and the landscape changes, we have to make use of content marketing tools to help make the process of content creation that little bit easier.

In this article, we look at six of the best content marketing tools for 2019. Content marketing is multifaceted, so we have chosen tools that reflect different needs.

Content Marketing Tools for Influencer Marketing: NinjaOutreach

Influencer marketing has always existed within marketing (both online and offline), but lately, it has become a key weapon for digital marketers. An influencer is simply a person who has a wide network of people who respect their opinions.

With social media, it usually means that the person has many followers. Having your product represented to your target audience by someone they respect is invaluable in pushing online sales.

The problem for many digital marketers is finding and engaging relevant influencers for their products. Enter NinjaOutreach.

NinjaOutreach is a platform that helps digital marketers find social media influencers within any niche and anywhere in the world. You simply search for your product/keywords and it returns a list of profiles, including email addresses. You can then use to contact influencers via the NinjaOutreach platform and so get them on-board with your products and services.

Use NinjaOutreach to:

  • Find social media influencers (especially Instagram)
  • Have your products reviewed by influencers
  • Find the most shared posts across different websites and platforms. For example., you might want to find trending topics to do with health and beauty. You enter a relevant keyword and discover that Elle.com currently has a trending article on Facebook, which you can then share.
  • Find bloggers from around the world
  • Find people to feature in your blogs, podcasts, videos, and website copy
  • Get features on other people’s blogs, podcasts, videos, and website copy

Content Marketing Tools for Analytics: WebTrends

If content is king, then data is definitely its queen. Marketers have to use analytic tools if they want to understand how and where to engage their customers.

Unless you monitor these patterns., there’s no way of knowing if people are reading your content, if they’re engaging with it, and if they’re taking action on it

As marketers, we’re all well aware of the likes of Google Analytics and the bespoke analytics of social media platforms, but we aren’t necessarily combining these insights to create strong content strategies. 

If the internet has eras, then the age of automated content marketing is truly upon us and nowhere is this more important than with data analysis – without automation, it’s simply too complex for a business to manage.

This is where WebTrends helps. It is one of the founders of web analytics, and it provides a detailed and focused analysis of user behaviour across the internet and offers solutions for optimising content according to the insights it discovers.

Use WebTrends Analytics To:

  • Identify how consumers access, share, and interact with specific content
  • Discover how long people spend interacting with the content, what they are doing, and which content trends are popular
  • Find out consumer search patterns and which keywords work/don’t work
  • Measure and optimise searches for your target audience

Content Marketing Tools for Personalisation: Monetate

Digital marketers now understand clearly the importance of personalisation in attracting consumers to content. We see this trend played out in many different ways, For instance, in the use of storytelling businesses to connect emotionally to their customers.

It is well established that personalised content engages more people with a product and this engagement is of a higher quality, i.e. they are more likely to take actions, such as buy your product.

One of the best content marketing tools to help you create a personalised experience for your customers is Monetate. The “Monetate Intelligent Personalisation Engine” allows you to personalise your customer’s user experience as they move through your content.

Use Monetate To:

  • Recommend the right product to the right person at the right time
  • Combine segmentation and testing to deliver content optimised to the user
  • Individualise product recommendations to the user

Content Marketing Tools for Images: Olaipic

It is difficult to overstate the importance of images in digital marketing and here are a few statistics to show you just how important they are:

Tweets with images are retweeted 1.5x more often than tweets without images

41.5% of marketers said that original visuals, such as infographics, perform better than any other type of content

Olaipic can help marketers increase the performance of their visual content through optimisation. This consequently allows marketers to create visual content that is consistent with their brand – it even removes off-brand images. The aim is to help businesses improve shopping experience for their customers and therefore increase conversion rates and engagement.

It is particularly popular with visually oriented products, such as beauty, health, fashion, and travel.

Use Olaipic To:

  • Adapt visual content to current trends
  • Increase brand consistency and memorability
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Optimise content for performance
  • Identify and make use of the best performing visual conte

Content Marketing Tools for Relevancy: Buzzsumo

If you want to create content that people want to consume, you must make sure that it is relevant. So, it means creating content that is relevant to the consumer, as well as to the times. People want to consume content as trends arise.

It isn’t always easy to find trending topics in relation to your product, but with Buzzsumo’s ‘Content Research’ product, you can find current trending topics around your keywords. The ‘Influencer’ section is also useful; you simply enter your keywords and it finds social influencers and provides you with their contact details, for example, social media handles.

Use Buzzsumo To:

  • Find trending topics relevant to your brand
  • Find influencers that can help promote your product
  • Track and analyse your brand mentions online and who is watching and connecting to your content

Content Marketing Tools for Streamlining Social Media: Sprout Social

One of the main tasks given to content marketers is the management of a multi-platform social media presence. This allows the business to connect with their customers across the web.

As you’re aware, there are many social media platforms, the big ones being Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. A decent social media strategy involves relatively frequent posts on relevant topics.

Creating multiple posts at a time – one for each platform – is incredibly time-consuming but this is where Sprout Social can help. Therefore, it allows you to create single posts and place them on multiple platforms at the same time, potentially saving you hours of work.

Use Sprout Social To:

  • Create single posts to place on multiple social media channels at the same time
  • Make use of their “social listening” feature to access competitive insights and industry intelligence
  • Optimise your social media content
  • Analyse performance and use insights for greater social media success

Take Away

Technology has come a long way in recent years, and content marketing is no exception. The tools available for content marketers are excellent and offer unprecedented solutions that can drive your digital marketing campaigns to the next level. 

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