15 Social Media Post Ideas you can Try Today

Originally Published: 26 August 2020
Last updated: 6 February 2022
Written by: Nick Jolliffe

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3 Tips to Brainstorming Social Media Adverts

One of the biggest challenges we all face when creating our own social media posts or managing another brand’s social media account is brainstorming and crafting new social media post ideas that keep your feed fresh, engaging for your audience and turn users into much-loved fans. 

We know first-hand the time, research and creativity needed to get these ideas flowing! So we’ve scoured social media platforms and got nostalgic about those we’ve worked on to bring you 15 ideas for social media posts that you can use in your campaigns to captivate and convert. Add them to your social media content calendar and increase your audience engagement today!

You may even spot a competitor on the list! 

1. Share Content from your Followers

Perhaps the easiest to implement of all of our ideas is to repost content that has already been posted by one of your followers. You can retweet on twitter, regram on Instagram, share on Facebook and repin on Pinterest. As long as the content is relevant to your audience then it’s a successful way to show you’re interested in your whole industry.

From bang-on trends, innovative product and service launches to conversations going on among consumers — share what’s valuable to your target audiences and they’ll come back for more. You could even

Just check out this post below from @hitcheduk of a wedding cake originally posted by a photographer. 

You could even share a post of one of your customers showcasing your products or how happy they are with your service!

Netflix’s Twitter feed is full of retweets from their content producers and other industry publications. The process of producing content for your feed doesn’t need to be difficult or time-consuming as long as it is engaging for those you’re wanting to connect and communicate with.

2. Run a Competition/Giveaway

A simple but effective idea to run if you have something physical or virtual to give away. Tailwind reported that Instagram accounts that carry out giveaways grow 70% faster than those that don’t. It’s especially great for product launches and can be an awesome low-cost lead generation marketing activity to get your brand noticed.

Thinking this one’s not for you? Let’s get creative. Can you offer industry insights, content or a year’s subscription to a streaming service? You have knowledge and interesting stuff to share. Every brand does. Now all you need is to do is brainstorm to your heart’s content (or your brain gets tired) and package it up into a sought-after offer.

You can ask people to like your brand and/or share a post and track it via a specific hashtag to monitor and measure the results of your competition or giveaway. Like the post below from time4nutrition:

Just make sure you have terms and conditions and contact details in place so it tells your fans its trustworthy and credible. Shortstack has written articles on rules for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to help get you started.

3. How-to Tutorials

Produce content that informs your audience how to use your product or service. Video is an engaging and effective format to use. Once created, you can re-purpose this content by editing it to use on your social media platforms, website or PR activities.

Buzzfeedtasty’s Instagram page is full of how-to videos like the one below, but you could just as easily do a how-to video on a new product as part of your launch.

4. Host an Ask Me Anything/Go Live

An opportunity to engage directly with your audience to answer any questions they have about your product/service or brand is one not to miss! Showcase your brand without being too salesy, answer any queries and provide hands-on, proactive customer service to reassure your audience of any concerns they may have about your brand.

You can go live on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram. Directly answer any questions your audience has. Follow your live session up with content that feeds back the main topics, questions and concerns asked. Gleaning insights in this way can drive your marketing strategy forward, along with many of your future marketing activities.

Here’s an example of a post on Reddit by Ellie Golding. It works as a great promotional piece for all of her social media accounts while also enabling her to engage with her fans directly.

Hi I’m Ellie Goulding, singer-songwriter, kickboxer and activist – ask me anything! – AMA from r/Music

5. Repurpose Your Old Content

Another easy one! Take a quote from a blog post you have already written and promote it on your social media platforms. Simple! Who doesn’t love a quote, after all? They capture our imagination and stop us in our love of scrolling. Stand out from the crowd with eye-catching graphics by using a service like Canva to create images designed specifically for various platforms easily.

You can do the same with your video content to provide a shortened version as a teaser for the main piece of content. Doing this breathes life and anticipation into a piece of content that may have dropped in popularity, by putting it in front of your audience who may have missed it the first time around.

If you’re looking for help with turning your old and outdated social media posts into captivating content that stands out, check out our comprehensive content store, Roaring Content. Here we create bespoke, high-quality and affordable content, and deliver it directly to your inbox.

6. Create a Tag-a-Friend Post

Here’s an easy and effective way to grow the number of people that see your posts. Just ask your current audience to tag one of their friends in a post. You may have seen these on your Facebook feed before — they work wonders for brands looking to increase their engagement. Check out this one from Netflix below:

7. Run a Social-Exclusive Deal

Create a special offer that is exclusive to social media to enhance engagement, lead generation and sales. Facebook even has an offers section that you can explore and utilise for your business profile. There are added benefits too if you run these as adverts, as you’ll receive metrics on who is seeing your adds, which will help to guide the accuracy of future campaigns.

8. Start a Poll

Start a poll with your audience to understand their wants and needs, compare product or service ideas, know the popularity of certain trends and receive feedback. Creative and informal often works best. Just consider your brand’s style, tone and voice to guide what questions you ask and the social media platform you use to ask them. When you’re ready, simply ask a question and respond to the comments.

This tweet from Tesco had more than 100,000 votes!

9. Showcase your Happy Customers

Showcasing customers that are happy with your products or services is great for building brand awareness, recognition and trust. You can do this by either sharing, liking, or commenting on posts of your customers using your product or engaging with your service. Create a hashtag to promote your offers even more and generate a buzz.

Coca Cola’s ‘Share a Coke’ campaign is probably the most famous of these, having launched in 2011 in Australia. Posts with the hashtag #shareacoke are still being used by their customers today.

10. Have a Social Media Takeover

To keep things interesting, host a social media takeover. It’s not as scary as it sounds. It’s a type of influencer marketing where you grant posting privileges to a person of interest, such as an expert, professional or influencer who will then create interesting content for your audiences.

A good starting point could be to ask an employee outside of your social media team to show your audience what they do, give insights on their side of the business and how it’s valuable to your audience to intorduce your brand from a different angle.  

You can even have another relevant brand takeover your social media. It’s great mutual marketing as you can both share and grow your respective audiences.

11. Jump on Trending Topics

Have a look at trending hashtags and join the conversation! Provide positivity, share valuable information or astute industry observations to grow your presence and reputation.

By jumping on a topic that is already trending, you can increase your audience for your existing content.

12. Create Small Videos

Videos don’t have to mean expensive camera equipment or hours of editing. Bite-sized video clips that your audience can find and watch as they scroll drives engagement and even go viral. Video content is shared more than text so get creative with your brand, like this one below from Tesco:

13. Go Behind the Scenes of your Brand

Show off the people who make your brand what it is. Take snaps, videos and have interviews with the people behind your name, products and services. Give them a glimpse into your office, day-to-day routine, social events and away-days. Your brand may have even reached a milestone. Or one of your team is celebrating their birthday.

Share your success stories to show the personal side of your business.

14. Make a Meme

Play with your brand’s lighter side and show off your sense of humour. It’s all about what works for your audiences and what reflects your brand’s style, tone and overall voice so keep this in mind when you’re creating your awesome memes.

Netflix is well known for using memes on their social media. Check out this one here:

15. Create New Blog Content and Post about it!

Content is king, or queen, as they say! You can shout about new content on your site on all of your social media platforms. Blog content that appears directly on your website is not only a proven way to reach out to prospective and engaging customers, it supports all your other marketing activities — from search engine optimisation, PR, and of course, social media.

If you’re looking for regular content for your site (or just have a curious question!), get in touch with us today to find out more about our packages.

Or alternatively, if you have an idea or developed brief for a blog, our sister business Roaring Content can get this written for you quickly! Take a look at our Blog Writing Service. We can even write your social media posts to accompany your blog as well as optimise it for search engines.

And that’s it! Here’s how to keep your social media content fresh and relevant in 2020. Let us know how you get on and watch this space for more trends…

If you’re looking to maximise your return from your social media posts or wider digital marketing strategy and activities, simply get in touch with us today. Find Your Roar!

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