The Best Business Directory Sites for Plumbers

Originally Published: 16 April 2024
Last updated: 17 April 2024
Written by: Nick Jolliffe

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When seeking the best directory sites to list your Plumbing Business, consider platforms like Thomson Local,, Checkatrade, and TrustMark for verified listing and that all important backlink to increase your authority. These sites validate tradespeople, thorough service listings, and customer reviews.

Don’t overlook specialised directories for plumbers like the Plumbing Hub Directory and Watersafe to list your business and website. Ultimately, you need to add your business to as many reputable directories as possible to increase your visibility online. Some will charge for the link, but don’t be tempted by the sales process that you will enter when you part with your details! You can gain more leads faster and for less money using a combination SEO and PPC.

Fast links to all the Directory sites in this article

The purpose of adding your business to these sites is not necessarily to gain leads directly from them. Instead, it is to get a link back to your own website, which will, in time, push your site higher up the search results, gaining you more leads for less money. Don’t spend too much time on them and be prepared that some will phone you to sell you more services, you don’t need this! Therefore, to make things easier, I have listed them all below:

General Business Directories for Plumbers

plumbers in business directories

When looking for a directory sites to list your business, consider using general business directories such as Thomson Local,, Checkatrade, Findatrade, and RatedPeople.

These platforms offer a variety of services, customer reviews, and contact information for plumbing professionals. effectively connects customers with local plumbers by offering a wide range of services and detailed information to aid in decision-making. With its user-friendly platform, makes it easy for you to search for plumbers in your area and access their contact details promptly.

Thomson Local

Thompson Local’s extensive online directory features over 1 million UK businesses, providing detailed listings of plumbing services for individuals seeking professional assistance. As one of the largest directories in the UK, Thompson Local offers plumbers extensive reach to connect with potential customers. By showcasing your services on this platform, you can increase your visibility and attract new clients, ultimately growing your business.


For plumbers looking to expand their online presence and attract new customers, Checkatrade stands out as a reputable and effective general business directory. It’s an online platform that features registered tradespeople, including qualified plumbers, ensuring credibility and quality of services.

Customers can easily search for plumbers, access customer reviews for reference, and make informed decisions. Checkatrade facilitates direct contact with plumbers listed on their platform, simplifying the process of connecting with professionals.


If you’re looking for a platform with a vast network of qualified plumbing professionals, RatedPeople stands out as a reliable choice with over 200,000 listed tradespeople. This platform allows you to easily filter by location and service type, ensuring quick access to skilled plumbers in your area.

RatedPeople facilitates direct communication with plumbers, making it convenient to inquire about services. Additionally, the inclusion of customer reviews on the platform assists you in making informed decisions when selecting a plumber for your needs.


Considering the need for a reliable platform that prioritises credibility and trustworthiness for plumbers, TrustMark emerges as a government-backed scheme tailored for tradespeople in the industry. This directory verifies the credentials of plumbers to guarantee reliability and trustworthiness, providing detailed information on approved tradespeople and offering customers the chance to read reviews. By being listed on TrustMark, plumbers can enhance their credibility and attract more clients, ultimately establishing a reputable online presence and showcasing their expertise in the industry.

TrustMark’s government backing adds an extra layer of assurance, giving both plumbers and customers peace of mind when engaging in services. Joining TrustMark can greatly boost your reputation and help you stand out in the competitive plumbing market.

Trust A Trader

Trust A Trader serves as a reputable general business directory specifically designed to connect customers with trusted plumbing professionals. This platform offers a range of verified and reliable plumbing services, ensuring that customers can make informed decisions when hiring a plumber.

Plumbers listed on Trust A Trader are carefully vetted for quality and expertise, providing customers with peace of mind. By utilising Trust A Trader, you can easily find and connect with experienced plumbing professionals who’ve been recognised for their commitment to excellence.


Bookabuilder connects homeowners with reliable plumbers through its website, offering customer reviews and price estimates for informed decision-making. By utilising Bookabuilder, you can easily search for local plumbers and access valuable insights from customer reviews to help you choose the best service provider for your needs.

The platform’s price estimates from multiple companies enable you to make cost-effective decisions while ensuring quality work. Customer reviews on Bookabuilder play an essential role in helping you assess the professionalism and service quality of different plumbing companies, aiding you in making a well-informed choice.

If you desire to find competitive pricing options and trustworthy plumbing services, Bookabuilder serves as a valuable resource to assist you in your search for the right plumber.

Another business directory with listings tailored specifically for plumbers, consider using the platform offered by This site provides a valuable opportunity for plumbers to enhance their online presence and connect with potential customers.

By creating detailed profiles on, plumbers can showcase their services and expertise to a targeted audience actively seeking plumbing solutions. Leveraging this directory can help you differentiate yourself in a competitive market, attract new clients, and establish credibility in the industry.

With, you have the chance to stand out among other plumbing professionals and increase your visibility. Take advantage of this platform to expand your reach and grow your business within the plumbing community.

Free business directories for Plumbers

plumbers find free listings

When seeking free business directories for plumbers, consider platforms like Google My Business, Bing Places, Free Index, Cylex, and Hotfrog.

These directories can help you expand your online presence, reach more customers, and improve your visibility in the plumbing industry.

Take advantage of these resources to enhance your marketing efforts and attract potential clients effectively.

Google Business Profile

To enhance your plumbing business’s online visibility and attract potential customers, Google Business Profile is a must, this free platform allows you to create a business profile and appear in Google searches and maps.

With Google Business Profile, you can take advantage of Local Service Ads to target customers in specific locations, increasing your reach. By having a listing on Google My Business, you can positively impact your search results and enhance visibility for your plumbing services.

It enables you to manage essential business information such as working hours, contact details, and customer reviews, helping you establish a robust online presence. Don’t overlook the importance of leveraging Google Business Profile for local SEO and ensuring that your plumbing business stands out in online searches.

Bing Places

The second most popular search engine is Bing so plumbers looking to boost their online presence and attract more clients, should also use Bing Places, a free business directory similar to Google Business Profile, it even lets you import your Google Profile to save time. Bing Places offers a platform where you can showcase your services, contact details, and location, making it convenient for potential customers to find you.

By having a presence on Bing Places, you enhance your visibility in local searches, making it easier for customers in need of plumbing services to discover your business. Furthermore, regularly updating your information on Bing Places helps you stay relevant and attract more clients.

Utilising Bing Places not only boosts your credibility but also expands your reach within the local community, establishing you as a trusted plumber in the area.

Free Index

Free Index, a free business directory specifically tailored for plumbers in the UK, can greatly enhance your online visibility and attract a wider client base. This platform offers a valuable opportunity for plumbers to showcase their services to a broad audience.

By listing your business on Free Index, you make it easier for potential customers to find and connect with you for their plumbing needs. Additionally, customer reviews and ratings on Free Index can assist you in making informed decisions and building trust with clients.

Leveraging Free Index can greatly boost your online presence, helping you stand out in the competitive plumbing industry. Take advantage of this free resource to expand your reach and grow your customer base effectively.


Cylex serves as a valuable free business directory specifically designed to boost online visibility for plumbers. By utilizing Cylex, you can list your services and expand your reach to a broader audience.

This platform offers a dedicated space for you to showcase your expertise and attract potential clients effortlessly. The best part is that you can create a professional online presence without any additional costs, making it a budget-friendly option.

Leveraging Cylex can help you establish credibility within the industry and draw in more customers seeking plumbing services. Take advantage of this free directory to enhance your online visibility, connect with a larger customer base, and solidify your position in the plumbing market.


Hotfrog, a free business directory tailored for plumbers, offers a platform to showcase services and connect with potential customers efficiently. Plumbers can create detailed profiles on Hotfrog, highlighting their expertise and contact information to attract new clients.

By using Hotfrog, you can increase your online visibility, establish credibility, and generate potential leads in your local area. This directory provides a valuable opportunity for plumbers to stand out in a competitive market and build a strong customer base.

With Hotfrog’s user-friendly interface and focus on tradespeople like plumbers, you can effectively promote your services and grow your business. Join Hotfrog today to enhance your presence in the plumbing industry and connect with customers seeking reliable professionals like you.


When searching for reputable directory sites for plumbers, consider exploring Yelp, a popular and free online platform known for assisting users in finding and reviewing local businesses, including plumbing professionals.

Yelp provides contact information and customer reviews for plumbers, aiding in decision-making. It facilitates direct communication with plumbers, making it convenient for users to reach out. Users can easily search for plumbers in specific areas on Yelp, enhancing local service accessibility.

Being a popular platform, Yelp boosts visibility for plumbers and connects them with a wide audience. With Yelp, plumbers can showcase their expertise, receive valuable feedback from customers, and establish a strong online presence within their local community.


For plumbers looking to expand their online presence and attract new customers, Bizify offers a free business directory tailored specifically for showcasing plumbing services. On Bizify, you can create detailed listings that target a specific audience seeking plumbing solutions. By using this platform, you can enhance your online visibility and connect with a broader customer base.

This directory site serves as a valuable resource for homeowners in need of reliable plumbing services. With Bizify, you have the opportunity to showcase your expertise and attract potential clients who are actively searching for plumbing professionals. Take advantage of this free business directory to establish your presence in the industry and grow your customer network effectively.


Consider leveraging Scoot, a free business directory that aids plumbers in expanding their online presence and connecting with a wider audience efficiently.

Scoot provides a platform for plumbers to showcase their services and reach more customers seamlessly. With its extensive listing service and user-friendly interface, plumbers can benefit from increased visibility and enhanced connections with potential clients in their local area.

By utilizing Scoot, plumbers can tap into its wide-reaching network and attract new business opportunities effectively. This directory site offers a valuable resource for plumbers looking to grow their customer base and establish a strong online presence.

Joining Scoot can be a strategic move to enhance your marketing efforts and connect with a broader audience seeking plumbing services.

Directories specifically for plumbers

plumber focused online directories

When looking for directories tailored to plumbers, consider platforms like:

  • Plumbing Hub Directory
  • Gas Safe Register
  • Local Plumbing Directory
  • Watersafe

These directories are specifically designed to help plumbers showcase their services and connect with potential clients. By utilizing these targeted platforms, you can enhance your online presence and reach a more focused audience in need of plumbing services.

Plumbing Hub Directory

Plumbing Hub Directory, a specialised platform catered exclusively to plumbers, offers a targeted space for showcasing services and expertise in the plumbing industry. This directory provides a focused audience actively seeking plumbing solutions, allowing plumbers as well as add their business to the categories they would like to target to increase their visibility among homeowners in need of plumbing services.

By using Plumbing Hub Directory, you can efficiently connect with potential clients, highlighting your skills and offerings to a relevant audience. This platform can serve as a valuable tool for expanding your reach and attracting new customers who are specifically looking for plumbing professionals.

Joining this directory can help you establish a stronger presence in the industry and grow your business within a community of like-minded individuals.

Gas Safe Register

Gas Safe Register, an essential resource for ensuring gas safety, provides a definitive list of qualified gas engineers authorized to work on gas appliances. It guarantees that plumbers and heating engineers are skilled and registered to handle gas systems safely and legally.

Being on this register is a mandatory requirement for anyone conducting gas work in the United Kingdom, Isle of Man, and Guernsey. By consulting the Gas Safe online directory, consumers can easily locate registered engineers for peace of mind and safety.

This register plays a vital role in promoting gas safety and preventing accidents associated with gas installations and appliances. Trust in the Gas Safe Register to connect with competent professionals who prioritize your safety and well-being.

Local Plumbing Directory

The Local Plumbing Directory efficiently connects customers with local plumbers in need of specialized services. This platform offers a targeted and efficient way for you to find reliable plumbing professionals quickly and easily.

By providing a curated list of experts in the field, the directory guarantees quality and expertise in the services offered. You can rely on the Local Plumbing Directory for accurate and up-to-date information on plumbing specialists in your area.

Leveraging this directory can streamline the process of finding trustworthy plumbing services for your needs. Whether you require repairs, installations, or maintenance, this platform connects you with the right professionals, fostering a sense of belonging and trust within the local plumbing community.


Exploring the world of plumbing services can be made simpler and more reliable with the specialized directory known as Watersafe, dedicated to connecting customers with certified and reputable plumbers. Watersafe focuses on ensuring that only qualified and competent plumbing professionals are listed on their platform, providing customers with a curated list of trusted experts.

By choosing Watersafe, you gain access to a targeted platform specifically designed for those seeking plumbing services. This directory offers a reliable way to find skilled plumbers who meet industry standards, giving you peace of mind when selecting a service provider.

With Watersafe, you can easily locate experienced professionals in the plumbing industry, making your search for the right plumber efficient and effective.


To sum up, when searching for the best directory sites for plumbers, prioritise those that offer a user-friendly experience, credibility, and reliability, and add your site to as many as you can to grow your site’s reach.

By adding your business to as many of these top directories as possible, you can enhance your visibility, attract new clients, and build trust in your plumbing services.

Have we missed any sites? What are your experiences with the sites we have listed. Let us know in the comments!

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