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Our Digital Marketing Specialists create bespoke online marketing strategies for brands. We help you understand what it is your customers are looking for and finding new opportunities for your business.

A Digital Marketing Strategy is a plan that brings ideas, business goals and brand knowledge together. It strives to create, engage with and build an audience by publishing, maintaining, and spreading high-quality, exciting, easily-accessible and consistent content.

The art is very much in the planning. We know first-hand the difference writing down and honing a clear, proactive and well-thought-out content marketing strategy has over a vague, reactive and last-minute shoehorn-it-into-Friday strategy. A Digital Marketing Strategy and content marketing plan means it simply gets done and delivers results for your business.

Content Marketing Strategy

How do we do it?

The greatest digital campaign tactics integrate all of a company’s available channels. Lion Spirit Media specialises in multi-channel marketing techniques that involve services such as content writing, search engine optimization, paid ads, conversion rate optimisation, and digital PR towards achieving your goals.

At the outset, we’d analyse any marketing activities you presently have in place and how we may utilise our services to enhance them. We’ve partnered with firms just like yours to provide a long-term strategy for their digital marketing and outline the critical channels and activities that will help them achieve their objectives.

Our team has many years of expertise in marketing analysis, and are always up to date on the latest marketing trends, which enables them to create effective digital strategies.

Why is a Digital Marketing Strategy important?


Your content marketing efforts and communication credentials can have a powerful impact on how people engage with your products and services.

And it will save you time, that’s for sure. But, it does way more than that. Creating a successful content marketing strategy will boost your lead generation capabilities and deliver tangible ROI-driven and ROARing results for your business. It will enable you and your team to:


  • Reaps the rewards of being proactive, efficient and cost-effective (all at the same time)
  • Boost your competitive position in the market as you’ll know how you fair amongst your competitors
  • Take advantage of opportunities by using your content marketing strategy to quickly identify them
  • Measure results accurately, allowing you to react to situations rapidly, adapt when appropriate and respond
  • Celebrate your brand and identify your target audiences to up your rightful market share

What do our Digital Marketing Strategy services include?


We become your content marketing partner. If your marketing is not taking you closer to your long-term goals, let’s delve, discover and develop your strategy so that it does.

We’ve found the most popular topics related to finding your roar, shouting about it and growing your business are all connected to what you want to achieve, so here are some of the things our Digital Marketing Strategy Service includes:

Market Research

The goal of market research is to understand the needs of your customers, which are shaped by their environment and what they perceive as valuable. Market research helps us understand the awareness of your brand and products so we can find new opportunities and adjust your new Marketing Strategy accordingly.

Competitor Analysis

Competitor analysis includes three steps: researching who your online competition is; analysing each competitor’s strengths and weaknesses, and deciding which competitors you should be striving to beat when designing your own marketing strategy. If you don’t know your competitors well enough, then you risk not knowing where to begin when trying to compete with them online!

Review of current Digital Marketing

We go through in-depth all of your current marketing activities so we both understand what is working and what isn’t. That way when your new Marketing Strategy is produced you know where to best spend your budget to maximise your ROI.


We’ll combine all of this with our wide-ranging digital experience to recommend an integrated multi-channel digital marketing strategy designed alongside you. We will show you what can be achieved at and beyond your budget.

Regular Reports and Analysis

One of the major benefits of Digital Marketing over traditional marketing is that results can be measured. This means that new ideas can be tested, analysed and enhanced to further increase your ROI.

Looking from the ‘outside-in’ gives us the clarity of thought often lost when juggling the everyday demands of a business. Our knowledge comes with the skills necessary to understand your business, the courage to ask real questions (the ones you may avoid asking yourself!), and the expertise to help you drive your business forward.

Here at Lion Spirit Media, our Digital Marketing Strategy specialists know how to stop adding to the noise, and instead, have a positive impact. We create and present brand stories that engage with your ideal customers, cut through the irrelevant chatter and produce a powerful ROAR.

Why should you outsource your Digital Marketing Strategy to our agency?

Working with a digital marketing agency adds a new lens to your company. Our team approaches strategic difficulties with an inquisitive, exploratory mindset using the latest technologies. We’re not afraid to let you know where improvement is needed, but we’re also committed to ensuring that our suggestions are practical and consistent with your brand’s goals.

Importantly, our breadth of experience in both organic and paid digital channels enables us to tap into years of expertise addressing a wide range of strategic issues. We will always advocate for the greatest technique for a particular goal and ensure that all of your available channels are utilised fully to meet your objectives.

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Digital Marketing Strategies for Hampshire, London, the UK and beyond


Our main offices are in London, but we provide our best digital marketing strategy services to brands all around the globe.

You may already have a marketing strategy and key communication messages in place? Fabulous, we can work with you to form a digital marketing strategy that can be successfully integrated into your existing plans to ensure consistent, optimal ROI-driven and roaring results.

Are you a startup making your first footprints in the digital jungle and need some support on where to begin? First off, congrats! We can help you develop a solid, proactive and success-inducing content marketing strategy by working with you to find and louden your ROAR.

Or, if you’re already the leader of your pack and want to retain your position — while young, hungry and scrappy cubs are clipping at your paws — then we can help secure your place in the pride with a bespoke and comprehensive strategy. Make sure your ROAR continues to be heard.

For more info on our digital marketing strategy services, give us a shout (or a roar!). We love talking. No question is too big or unimportant. If you fancy chewing the ear of an experienced and friendly content marketer for an hour, set up a free consultation now.

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