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At Lion Spirit Media, we do content marketing and communications differently.

For us, we want to help legal companies like yours, create your ROAR.

Legal Content Marketing and PR

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Business is like a pride of lions. Its strength and success depend on teamwork, with each member providing a distinctive contribution to the success of the whole.

Your content marketing efforts and communication credentials can have a powerful impact on how people engage with you, your products and your services.

Why is Legal Marketing Important?

From the latest judgements, real-life impacts of rulings and their place in the broader social context to data-driven firms and future-proofing concepts, the legal industry is complex, evolving and diverse.

Whatever stage of growth your legal company is at, and wherever you fit in the vast legal sphere, we’ve got a bespoke content marketing and communications approach for you.

Our Legal Know-How

Here are some things we love and do for legal companies:

  • Burst your editorial calendars to the brim with bedazzling, unique and high-quality content, such as blog posts, case studies and video content


  • Turn blank pages into a wonderment of words, stats and relevant links to boost your online marketing


  • Tell everyone that needs to know exactly why you and your brand are the best at what you do through the power of words


  • Get you noticed amongst industry-leading journalists and editors


  • Help prepare you to wow through media training when those interview requests come knocking


  • Let search engines know you’re serious in your field (or jungle!) and raise your brand awareness by appearing in your potential customers’ search results

You want your ideal customers to hit your page and be utterly captivated by your words, so much so, that they can’t possibly leave.

We work with you to make sure you’re getting those words out to your target audiences in the most look-at-me, engaging and you-can’t-possibly-ignore-me way imaginable through your unique, high quality and relevant content marketing.


Come and Find your Roar!

Don't forget to Review, Hone and Repeat

“You can’t manage what you can’t measure” - Peter Drucker

1. Measurement

Creating great content is wonderful, but how do we know that we’re achieving our goals? We make this a priority. We’ll look at how your website and its users are responding to your content to gain a clear picture of the impact it is having on your brand and business goals.

2. Reporting

We like simplicity. That’s why we’ll gather all relevant data and share this with you in a succinct yet comprehensive report so you can see swiftly and clearly how your content is doing. You can then easily talk through the results with your co-founder, share with your team or impress your board members.

3. Refinement

Now, here’s the important bit. We take all of that lovely data and make sure we use it to its full potential. That way your content reaches its full potential too. Crafting, managing, measuring and honing your content to ensure it’s consistently reaching your target audiences and getting the traction it deserves is what we love and are here for.


Why Lion Spirit Media?

Combining over 25 years’ experience in journalism, marketing, media relations and comprehensive project management and deliverance — we pride ourselves on our listening and communication skills. We use these to create content and build an audience.

We believe in saying: This is Us, This is What We’re Doing and This is Why it Matters!

Adding Lion Spirit Media to your team will guarantee your ROAR is STRONG enough to build an audience and become the leader of the pack, and LOUD enough to be heard.



Together, collaboratively, as a duo — Let’s Find your ROAR

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You may have your marketing strategy and key communication messages in place. If you do, that’s great, we can work with you to ensure you’re getting those out to your potential customers in the most authentic, engaging and consistent way to achieve optimal ROI-driven and ROARing results.

If you’re a startup making your first footprints in the digital jungle and want to know how best to use words to connect with your target audiences, we’ll work with you to find and louden your ROAR to get readers hooked, loving your brand and coming back for more.

Or, if you’re already the leader of the pack and want to retain your position — while young, hungry and scrappy cubs are clipping at your paws — we can help secure your place in the pride with the strongest communication messages, worded perfectly for you, your brand and your customers.

To get started on your ROARing legal content marketing and communication services, get in touch. We love talking.

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