Why You Need A Digital Strategy
26 April 2016
Why You Need A Digital Strategy

A digital strategy is vital for your business. The way we market our businesses has changed over the past decade. This is the result of changing customer expectations and how the landscape has totally transformed.

Increasingly, more and more focus is given to reaching new customers through online marketing activity, including producing effective website content, blogs and social media.

If we take social media, for example, the online equivalent of word of mouth, we can see that it effectively provides peer to peer referrals. In fact, 71% of consumers are likely to base their purchasing decisions on the recommendations of their friends through social media.

Long-Term Business Growth

So we know that digital is a must to grow our businesses and reach more customers, but where do you start? That’s the real challenge.

Are you a new business, a growing SME or an established blue-chip company? Every business has a vision and that’s our first step when creating a digital strategy. Whether your business is a one-month start-up or an established company that’s been around for decades, it’s key to think of the future direction of your company and how the developing digital landscape can help you achieve your goals.

Nowadays, a digital strategy and marketing plan does not have to take a lengthy period of time to complete or require high-tech IT solutions. Instead, businesses can save time and still receive an effective long-term strategy to give your business the focus to enable the growth you’re looking to achieve.

Government Support

The UK government agrees with the importance of developing the digital presence of businesses. Ed Vaizey, Digital Economy Minister, anticipates that by 2020 “the UK landscape will have changed to be firmly in the digital age”.

It is clear that digital skills within businesses are a must, with the government stating that 90% of all jobs over the next 20 years will require employees to have digital skills.

Get ahead of the curve, prepare your business and increase your bottom line with a digital strategy that’ll evolve with the digital revolution.

Clear Focus

Building a digital strategy for your business enables us together to consider the broader context and working environment by creating content that provides value to stakeholders, suppliers, employees and customers. Once created, this messaging can then be communicated and delivered from the top down to help you improve your bottom line.

Although the content is communicated over digital platforms, it’s produced by humans. All content delivered to everyone, both in and outside of your organisation including prospective and existing customers, should reflect this. Applying the hard-sale and using complex business jargon are outdated and ineffective marketing techniques. Communicating simply enables businesses to engage effectively with customers. We create a digital strategy that tells a story.

What can a digital strategy do for you:

  • Gain a competitive advantage in your industry marketplace
  • Ensure your business has a clear and focused direction
  • A digital strategy designed and tailored to your specific business aims, products and services and focuses.

If you’d like help on creating a digital strategy, contact us today and let’s start improving your bottom line.


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