Who are the New Business Lions in the Pack?
5 April 2016
Who are the New Business Lions in the Pack?

Digital marketing is not a new concept. It’s been around for over 10 years, but with a to-do list as long as our arm and then some, and a lion’s den full of information on the web, it’s tricky to sift through and get the knowledge quickly and easily that we’re looking for.

Well stress no more because at Lion Spirit Media we create digital marketing and PR content, strategy and training sessions unique for you that appeal directly to your customers.

We’ve all seen the creative industries popping up all over social media. The retail, food and party companies have gone full throttle on their digital missions. For professional services that are primarily B2B, it’s not quite so simple. Or so it seems. Trying to be creative in a not-on-the-surface of it creative industry appears like an impossible challenge, and sure it may take a little more brainstorming, but lucky that’s what we love to do.

What does the research say?

After conducting research relating to the professional services companies, it rings clear that people currently feel there is a barrier between themselves and these industries. Yet it’s pretty hard when you’re the business itself to step outside and view yourself as a customer does. By getting a professional, honest and clear review of your business, together we can create an effective marketing strategy that helps your business reap digital rewards.

When you’re looking to attract a customer, let’s bypass that old-fashioned and ineffective hard-sale approach (it wasn’t working anyway!) and just relax. Have a conversation with your prospective customers. Build a rapport. You can do this by informing, advising and entertaining your audience. Robotic sales spiel is a thing of the past. Be human. We are humans after all, with just a tad of Lion Spirit.

Become a Business Lion

Here at Lion Spirit Media, we like to check for spots within the pride. If there is one aspect, or even several of your marketing and PR that is not working or you simply need help creating them, this is where we come in. We ensure that your website, blog and social media channels are all set up correctly to communicate your brand’s messaging clearly and consistently to achieve your goals and business objectives effectively.

We’re here to get you out of the traditional den and into the digital pride.

Get more clients

Extend the lifetime value of your clients by offering them valuable information and advice through online activity including copywriting, blogging, email marketing, video scriptwriting, social media and PR to build trusted and long-lasting relationships.

When you brainstorm and formulate a bespoke and comprehensive marketing strategy and plan, you start to attract new customers that perhaps otherwise would probably not have found you.

Don’t hide out in the den, come and the digital pride.

If you need help finding the spots in your pride, call us on  0208 088 5466 or send us an email at info@lionspiritmedia.co.uk.


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