How to Think Like Your Customers
6 July 2016
How to Think Like Your Customers

For most of us, how to think like your customer is the million-dollar question. But it’s often overlooked, while we concentrate on finding that magic formula to making sales and perfecting our marketing.

With limited time, know-how and budget, it’s often easy to go down the quick route. Run with ad-hoc marketing campaigns and attend events when our to-do list shrinks enough to enable us to. And we tend to do this before we’ve walked through the steps of understanding our customers.

Think Like Your Customers

So in order to think like your customers, first you must be able to identify them…

1. Who are your customers? Where are they based? What are their characteristics?

These are the types of questions you’ll want answering when it comes to drawing an image of them in your mind..or on paper as I encourage to get a good grasp visually of your target market. Once you know their age, gender, geographic location, you’ve got the basics down. You can now start to hone in on those people and target them.

2. For this targeting to be successful, you need to be able to attract your customers.

And the only way to do this is to understand what interests them and will grab their attention.

Now say, you’re a solicitor’s firm looking to increase the number of clients seeking advice on employment law. Knowing and subsequently looking for those prospective customers that are in employment, are loyal to their career and have ambitions of pursuing their career further, will help you understand better what matters to them.

Understanding them better enables you to target your marketing more specifically, clearly and effectively.

3. Problem- solving is key here as you need to understand the difficulty that they need help with.

Once you’ve attracted them with understanding their interests, you then need to progress this customer relationship by engaging with them. Engaging with your audience is key to building a trusting, loyal and professional relationship and turn a hopeful customer into a real one. By appreciating their needs and offering them a solution, you are problem-solving and making the life of your customer that little bit easier.

In the example of an employment solicitor, this may be to appreciate the importance of mediating disputes within the workplace, knowing your employment rights or clarifying terms and conditions of a contract.

It becomes a natural extension of your client’s thought process. After all, if they are in employment, these will be issues that are of interest to them.

4. And then it’s time to consider the why.

To gain conversions and customer loyalty, you need to appreciate why they will buy from you.

By creating campaigns that target your audience needs, you begin to think like them and in turn, attract them. By thinking like them further and understanding the problems they may be facing, you engage with them, which builds trust, loyalty and increases your conversion rates.

Once your campaign is out there, you can then monitor and measure its results, modifying where necessary. You may find that some of your prospective customers opened an email campaign, a blog or social media post about contract resolution. Now you have this information, you know their exact need. This allows you to further target that segment of your customers.

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