How to Pack A Punch With Your Content
How to Pack A Punch With Your Content

OK, so we may be able to find great content. We may feel confident enough to even write it. But how to pack a punch with your content is a new challenge altogether.

So here are some handy tips to get your audience to notice your brand and to keep them:

  1. Be In the Know

Before you even begin writing, I can’t stress enough the importance of knowing what you’re about to write and researching whether it’s even of any relevance. Remember those school days. A shiny distant memory when teachers would seemingly harp on about the importance of preparation. Well, think of me as your old English teacher.

If you went into that exam without doing an iota of revision, the chances are you probably didn’t do as well as you’d hoped. And it’s the same for creating content. If you don’t research relevant topics for your customers, then your content is not going to create the level of engagement and interest you’re aiming for.

  1. Be Clear

Really this all comes down to choosing your topic well. And only choosing one. It’s so easy to go off on a tangent and find yourself covering five different subjects in one blog. I mean that’s great,  you’ve got five blog ideas, but just make sure you’re clear and concise and only talk about one.

And that goes for your call to action too. Make sure your content clearly directs your customers to your contact us page, your links, buttons or subscription form. Just not all of them at once. If you have too many, you’re simply going to overload, confuse and ultimately turn your customers off.

  1. Be Authentic

From the outset, it’s vital to choose your own unique style and tone and to run with it. Choose your own voice and make sure it’s consistent. Making sure your writing is recognisable and representative of your brand is as important as ensuring that your company’s colours, fonts and visual imagery are the same on your website, social media channels, email shots and all other marketing material.

Authenticity is synonymous with storytelling. After all, we all like stories. Cold hard facts and statistics are great, but nothing packs a greater punch than a human personable story.

So I guess I better stick to my own rules. Come and say hi or “help me write!” and I’ll help you pack a punch with your content.


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