Maximise Your Digital Impact with Training

Updated: 1 June 2016
Maximise Your Digital Impact with Training

Digital marketing is happening. And so is training. Successful businesses locally, nationally and internationally are seeing the rewards that planned, targeted and regular marketing activity online is having for their growth.

Why Training Is For You

So while most of us know that we should be online, where do we find the time and know-how to make sure we’re doing it effectively? These are often two of the biggest problems and obstacles for becoming savvy at digital marketing:

  1. I don’t have the time. I can’t/haven’t planned to regularly set aside time to keep on top of my social media activities. How much time should I be spending?
  2. I don’t have a clue how to use social media channels/e-shots/blogging channels [enter your own one here]. I don’t know how to use it correctly and effectively for business purposes.

These are then often followed by:

  • I’m scared to put my business’s brand/thoughts/messages out there for fear of offending one of my customers or part of my audience, alienating them and then losing their business.
  • Who cares what I’ve got to say anyway? Surely only me and maybe my employees if I’m lucky, do?

Together, these can work quite powerfully to prevent you from taking any action whatsoever towards growing a digital marketing strategy. But, when this course of action can help you to generate more leads, increase your conversion rate and up your brand awareness, it’s one that can’t be ignored.

If any of these sound familiar, then it’s likely that training is the right option for you. At Lion Spirit Media, we believe in giving you the skills and the know-how to implement efficient, up-to-date and effective digital marketing strategies into your businesses that will last today and well into the future.

What Training Is Right For You?

We provide a comprehensive review of your business to understand whether you’re currently:

  • A virtual novice in the world of social media
  • A business that has dabbled and dipped their toe in the water, or
  • One that has social media platforms and sometimes a blog set up but doesn’t use them consistently and with a focused and targeted strategy in place.

Once, we’ve established this and reviewed your business, we can work together to help you achieve both your short and long-term business goals and objectives.

We know that every business is unique and so what you require is bespoke to your individual needs. That’s why we offer three types of services and everything in between:


The 1-to-1 coaching sessions are tailored entirely to your business needs. This is ideal for businesses who already have a specific person or selection of people that handle the digital marketing efforts. Perfect for marketing managers or assistants that need to brush up on their existing skills or learn new platforms that are being introduced into the business or those that need to learn the basics of social media platforms new to the business.

Practical Skills

Whatever the social media platform or type of digital marketing platform that you’re looking to use, Lion Spirit Media provides half-day or full-day courses that are an interactive Q & A style session to enable you to ask as many questions and try out the platforms for yourself. We will work with you beforehand to identify what tools and platforms will be the most beneficial and preferred for your business.


If you’re anything like us, then we need to understand the ‘why’ before we actually do. The theory helps to provide us with background and answers to the what, how and why questions. These are vital to shaping a comprehensive, targeted and effective strategy that will help to maximise your digital impact online and maximise your business’s growth.

For more information on how to maximise your business’s digital impact through training, then contact us today for a free consultation.

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