Marketing Strategy: It’s Not All About You
23 June 2016
Marketing Strategy: It's Not All About You

Oh, our marketing strategy. As we’re starting to put it together, it’s important to remember that there’s more than one digital strategy. And even if you’re looking to now concentrate on the marketing ‘side’ of your business, it’s vital that this is connected to your entire business including sales and development.

Often, we know what we want. We want to increase the amount of traffic to our website,  increase brand awareness and increase our conversion rate to up sales. And we know that we should have some form of marketing strategy in place to get us there. That’s all we know, and so we jump. We make a start. And quickly realise that we’ve spent a lot of resources without the results.

So before we start to work on our marketing strategy, there are two others that need to be reviewed and assessed:

  1. Business Strategy
  2. Customer Strategy

The aim is to invest to maximise your ROI opportunities and remain up to date with the activities, actions and knowledge acquired by your industry thought leaders and competitors.

  1. Business Strategy

Firstly, consider what the goals of the business are. Check out last week’s blog on What Is Success? for common business priorities. Think about these both in the short-term and the long-term future, and consider which ones are most important to you and your business.

Having a clear and focused understanding of your business’s next 12 months, 5 years and your optimum position in 10 years will enable you to dedicate resources to making those achievements a reality.

  1.   Customer Strategy

Once we’ve got a good understanding of our business’s aims and objectives, it’s then time to consider what our audience wants and what our customer segment looks like. It’s important to suss this out from the beginning to avoid wasting both resources and missed opportunities in seeking to talk to customers that are either not the right audience for you or are not in the place that you’re looking. Make sure you know who your audience is, what motivates them and where you are likely to find them.

  1. Marketing Strategy

By understanding both your business and your ideal target customers, you can create shared value and create a marketing strategy that delivers the right products and services to the right audience that is also right for your business and its growth.

Once identified, we now have a better understanding of where our audience is and so we are ready to explore the different marketing channels able to us. Whether it’s by creating a viral campaign on Facebook, a series of guest blogs on related, relevant publications or by placing ads in a magazine or newspaper, we can confidently target and market to our customers better.

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