How to Manage Your Social Media Effectively
How to Manage Your Social Media Effectively

Managing your social media

Last week, I mentioned the State of Digital Marketing Report 2016 and this week I’m at it again to help you manage your social media.

The report states that social media is the toughest element of digital marketing to tackle. Of those asked, 50% said that the most difficult tactic to execute in their digital marketing efforts was managing their social media.

It may be unsurprising to learn then that 62% of companies use a combination of in-house resources and outsourced resources to overcome these social media challenges. Only, 8%, however, outsource these efforts completely.

With the majority of companies – 92% – using either all or some of their in-house team to execute social media tasks, it’s probable that company team members’ time and resources are being stretched to the max to ensure these tasks are carried out.

But are they effective?


OK, so pretty much all of us are on social media these days. Personally, that is. And perhaps that’s where the biggest problem lies. We’re alienated by crossing over from being ourselves to our company.

A scattergun, off-the-cuff approach works fab with our personal accounts, but time and time again the biggest fears I see in those looking to make the move towards using social media for business is a) not knowing what to say and b) being judged or causing offence by what you do say.

And that’s why you need to plan. Implement a digital strategy for 1 month, 3 months, 6 months or even longer that incorporates all of the news, events, developments going on in your business.

Combine these with interesting stories or nuggets of information and advice that appeal directly to your target audience.

Then brainstorm to work out what these interests are and you’re off…a digital strategy is coming your way.


Nowadays, there is a whole host of specialist scheduling tools to help you maximise the effectiveness of the content you are putting out there, whilst minimising the amount of time and resources it takes to do so.

Here are my top 4:

  • Hootsuite – supports multiple accounts
  • Buffer – easy to collaborate with multiple accounts
  • Timely – selects the most effective time for you to post
  • Meet Edgar – catalogues posts into a library so you never lose them


Social media marketing that is effective takes both these things, time and resources. Heck, national and international firms employ a team of full-time staff to handle their social media activity. If, as most of us aren’t, in that small percentage then we need to leverage the ROI that comes from outsourcing and delegating tasks to those experts in the know.

For more information on how to manage your social media effectively, contact us today for a free consultation


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