How to make a business impact in 2017
20th January 2017

For many businesses, the New Year is the perfect time to take a look at how things are working for you and your customers and make a change to those that need improving.

Everyone wants to make an impact in their industry and on their customers, right? So how can you reach the end of this year having achieved just that?

  1. Get ready for next year

Wait, what? I’m barely into the swing of 2017 yet, without even thinking about next year. Wait, wait, wait. I agree, it seems like a crazy move to make, but working backwards often helps us to make real process going forwards.

If we can look at where we want to be next year, whether it’s measured by growth, work/life balance or the portfolio of products and services, this step will help you take that leap.

  1. Renew and protect systems

Now you know where you want to be, it’s time to analyse where you are at the moment. Don’t think big at this point, think about your daily interactions with customers, task management systems, sales, marketing, invoicing – the whole lot.

Has that to-do list got longer? Are their resources and/or software that you could invest in that would free up time to complete some of the items on the list?

And how secure is all of the above? Now’s the time to do a little business health check.

  1.      Set SMART goals

And then put a plan in place to achieve them…

How many times have we set New Year’s resolutions and then given up around about now, mid-way through January? Promising ourselves that next year will be it for us and waiting a whole 12 months to put our targets in place?

Well, this can very easily happen with our businesses if we don’t set SMART goals i.e. those that are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-based.

If we don’t track them, how do we know how successful we are? And it’s ok if we have a slip-up, where one week it’s not possible to get to the bottom of that to-do list. Is it ever? The main thing to remember is that you’re moving in the right direction to reach your end goal.

To make an impact in 2017, check out the benefits of a marketing strategy.


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