Email Marketing is top for ROI
18th July 2016

Email marketing continues to top the charts for companies looking to receive a strong ROI from their marketing activities.

This year marked the 10th anniversary of the Email Marketing Industry Census report, which is created in association with Adestra. Highlighting how email marketing has evolved over the past decade, 73% of the 1,100 marketers surveyed earlier this year, stated that this type of marketing provided significant ROI results.

2016 has seemed to mark a turning point for email marketing as this year’s result is up 66% from 2015.

Performance On The Up

This has also been supported by the success of email marketing campaigns, which marketers report has increased considerably. Their performance has hit 49% in 2016, with 56% of those saying the success of this avenue of their marketing performance is excellent or good.

Make it Personal

Making a generic campaign doesn’t indicate success. Instead, it’s all about personalisation. Targeting your niche audiences and individual contacts, over just using their personal name is far more effective may take more time, but proves more successful. It is now a strategic part of 37% of company’s marketing strategies.

Invest in Mobile

More resources should be invested in the time used to plan, implement and manage campaigns. Particularly those for mobile use too. Figures from the report show that 40% of these campaigns are opened on a smartphone. However, only 21% of those asked said that their campaigns were optimised for mobiles from quite to very advanced.

The power of email marketing is only set to rise, with more users accessing emails via smartphones and so as our attention spans are lower, content is king and the phrase less is more is crucial.

This week we’ll be Tweeting our top tips for succeeding in email marketing. Follow us for more info.



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