Black Lives Matter

Updated: 14 June 2020

Together with so many people around the world, we have been watching and reading about the protests over the death of George Floyd. The outrage and despair continue as the lives of so many black people have been cruelly taken. Lives including Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and so many more, in a long-standing, abhorrent and shameful history of systemic tragedy.

We have struggled with knowing what to write, what to say that can even begin to describe how saddened and heartbroken we are. And how much our whole-hearted love and support is with the black and minority ethnic communities. We have been having conversations, reading and listening to what we can do to support the end of racism. It needs to be stopped. Full stop. And we will continue to listen, to read and to understand how we can help. We know that we can never understand — yet we do stand, in solidarity, united. 

We are growing a team of global writers. And inclusion, belonging and equality are at the very core of our values. We are committed to creating a community of people that has equality, understanding, fairness, kindness and wellbeing at its heart. We know that it is our responsibility to forge ahead with the change that we want to see by emphasising — as loud as we can — that equality, fairness and justice are essential.

We are listening and we are supporting. Black Lives Matter.

Natasha and Nick

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